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Sail cloth problem. (moved by admin)

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I've gotten a hold of a ridiculous amount of cloth on a recent trip, it's thin and has a lovely grain that I think might look interesting when used as sail cloth.
All good and great so far but the cloth is incredibly pearlescent and shiny on one side and unless I'm making some pixie fantasy airship in the future this will most definitely feel a bit out of place.

Is this something that is easily remedied with a bit of paint or matt lacquer or will that upset the look of the cloth?

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Tom's idea is a good one, but I'd try this out on a sample of fabric before you make a whole suit of sails, just in case it doesn't work!

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In my opinion there is no good reason to stick with fabric that you KNOW has a bad characteristic. By the time you are done cutting and building the sails-maybe even sewing them by hand depending on how deep you will go into the process- you will have spent too much time to realistically rationalize working with material that you KNOW is wrong. Particularly when plain white fabric is very common cheap and available.




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