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gunport eyelets for Jotika's HMS Pickle

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I rushed to my kit and checked.  Ooo-er - they are a bit teeny arent they.   0.3mm Etched brass.

But as long as you pre drill as suggested shoudnt be too hard.


My main problem will be the normal one of dropping and  losing a sigificant proportion!


I made a few up from .3  twisted wire but seemed to be no advantage except one can under size drill the holes and "screw" the eye in.  But still very fiddly


Do you have a good magnifying head set ??

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I had been having a problem with dropping small parts.  Seems like I was spending as much time searching the floor as I was building the Syren. 

I had a piece of light weight canvas left over from some painting so I clamped one end to the table and pulled the other end over my lap and up to my chest.  It does very well for catching small parts that "jump" around.  Some of the rascals still disappear but only a fraction of what I was losing.



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Several hints:

- Do not use pincers, use pliers with pointed head, they work much better, less danger of kazooong

- Use the white cloth as suggested, but also on the floor and the rest of the table

- and the best, put the eyelets on the  leash: take a thin thread or wire to pass through the hole and you can find and retrieve the part quite easily :-)



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If I didn't already have the beers I would not be dropping that many parts :-)

Seriously, I do get up and down a lot so while it is clamped to the table, it is only resting on me, not attached. For those times I use it, I just pick up the non clamped end and put it on my lap then just let it drop off when I am done with it. Getting up and down is easy.  The light weight canvas is stiff enough to stay leaning against my chest without dropping.



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