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Rotary Cutter

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Ran across an interesting tool in the fabric department and thought it might have some utility in our hobby.  It is a rotary cutter used by quilters and leather workers.  It has a handle and a round, rotating blade about an inch across.  The blade is very sharp and is used with a cutting mat for cutting out patterns.  I think it would work with wood veneer just fine.  Anyone used one of these and if so what is your impression.  This picture is one I found on Amazon.


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I have 3 different sizes of Head Knifes. Have used them on thin wood placed on a mat, but  I have them to cut leather. Have seen those rotating blades advertized, the pizza cutter we have that is a similar design but larger blade works fine. With the head knife you could make straight cuts, circular cuts or sharp angle cuts easily. Might be worth looking at.


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I was thinking about "borrowing" the Admirals cutter for sail material - as long as I use things for the same purpose she does, she is usually very understanding.  If I were to try that with wood veneer, however - watch out!



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