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Some things are, some things aren't.  I don't think that any are made by Proxxon but made under license.  The tilting arbor table saw (the old one at least) was made under license. 


The lathes are made by Central Machine in China. It's a pretty standard design used by Grizzly, Harbor Freight and some others.  See the Little Machine Shop site for more info on which is which.  The lathes are not Proxxon.

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Hello all.


I think I read somewhere that Microlux equipment, sold by Micro Mark, is the same as Proxxon only with a different name?



As Mark mentioned, there may be similarities, but most features in all the equipment are different. To the best of my knowledge, the milling machines and lathes sold by Micro Mark are made in China, and almost the same units are sold by Harbor Freight and others. Proxxon is a German company with sales offices around the world, but their equipment such as the mill and lathes are quite different.


Perhaps you were thinking of Proxxon's Micromot line of tools.

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