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hypodermic needles

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Not sure this belongs here, but didn't want to put it in tech threads.


Looking for teensy things to start my build. Lived for 20 years in Cali. You can't get a needle unless you have a  Drs scrip or you are a State or Federally registered drug addict. Okay.


Moved to Alabama. Went to the Winn Dixie to get moms' prescriptions and asked the pharmacist the question; looking for some needles I can clip the sharp off of and use to burn some nice circular holes in pieces of wood. So Tracy says "now that's different. what gauges are you wanting?" Now I have no clue and start in on millimeters, cause I don't know gauges from squat. So Tracey says "ok, lemme give you a selection. You got $2?" 


God bless Winn Dixie and God bless Alabama.



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I've done the same thing in various places for different reasons.  In the midwest it was to inject air into the tail of a nightcrawler when bass fishing.. Here in Oregan, it's been for dispensing glue. I've also used them to dispense loctite, thin machine oil, and other substances (not illegal) in my racing and model aircraft days.  Not sure I understand the bit about needing a prescription to by a syringe.  I mean.. they have other uses for crying out loud.    post-76-0-13524400-1363408812.gif

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I have scads of syringes (about the only benefit from having a hemophiliac for a grandbaby), and can run down to the corner pharmacy or big box store to buy more.  Needles, on the other hand, are almost impossible to come by around here. For the needles, you need the prescription - throwback to the old injectable illicit substances days.  Refuse to re-use the sharps out of an infusion set.  I used to have 2 or 3 of the old screw-on needles (12 bore if I am not mistaken) in my first aid kit for removing splinters.

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