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Model Sail maker recommendation? USA

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Hi Everyone,


I would like to order tanbark sails for my model FD10 Arnanes, by Billing Boats.  Does anyone have a recommendation for a high quality model sail maker in the USA?


Thank you,




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I have thought about it, but am worried about bending shoddy looking sails on to my model....I do not have sewing experience.   What it the best way to dye cloth for tanbark sails?


Thank you



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Sewing is not necessary to make decent model sails. Getting a tanbark color is going to take a trip to a fabric store or the use of some fabric dye or even a dip in some diluted paint. But you can cut the sails with scissors and build up all the details with glued on strips. Check out my HMS Victory build, the link is in my signature, and see how I did my square sails without any actual sewing.




 Niagara USS Constitution 


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