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The relatively new Kydd series by Julian Stockwin is good.  I'm on the second book now.  Rather than the series starting with the main character being a midshipman, this series starts out with the main character being a young landsman.  A wig maker.  Kydd is grabbed by a press gang and brought to serve on a British man-of-war.  Interesting to get the below-the-deck perspective for a change.





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Just started reading Parkinson, seems pretty good. Dewey Lambdin's books are pretty good, too. And I heartily recommend any of Stockwin's, Kent's, O'Brian's and Forester's books, too.

Thanks Canute. I haven't read Stockwin but I plan to and like you I have enjoyed the others you mention. There's one other whose last name is Hammond. I read one of his and enjoyed it very much. If I find his first name and the series he wrote, I'll pass it on.


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