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HMS Enterprise by joske - Shipyard - Card - 1:72 1774

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Hoi, I am going to build my first sailship with a lasercut hull and some details, looking forward to it, but it scares me too.

I Always liked a sailship for decoration, so now the time has come to do somthing about it.

This build will give her the appearence of the first years of service [ like that] with the fancy colors and open side's on the aft deck. foto 2 upper drawning.


post-22974-0-70397700-1451983387_thumb.j  post-22974-0-72177900-1451983446_thumb.j  


To start whit frame's and first planking for stabillity.



post-22974-0-56743000-1451984811_thumb.j   post-22974-0-17318800-1451984828_thumb.j



post-22974-0-51571400-1451984854_thumb.j   post-22974-0-85962400-1451984881_thumb.j





Now i'm going back to gluing, see you soon.










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Hi Joske,


Looking forward to following another card build.






HM Bark Endeavour (First Wood, On Hold)

Borodino (1:200 Card, Current Build)

Admiral Nakhimov (card 1/200)

Mazur D-350 Artillery Tractor (1:25 Card) 

F-8 Crusader (1:48 Aircraft, Plastic)

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