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  1. Hoi, I am going to build my first sailship with a lasercut hull and some details, looking forward to it, but it scares me too. I Always liked a sailship for decoration, so now the time has come to do somthing about it. This build will give her the appearence of the first years of service [ like that] with the fancy colors and open side's on the aft deck. foto 2 upper drawning. To start whit frame's and first planking for stabillity. Now i'm going back to gluing, see you soon. Jos.
  2. Hoi Chris' i am going to start in the build log section. Gr. Jos.
  3. Hoi all, my shipment from GPM has arrived. these are the shipyard superplans with lasercut hull and i bought the laserset from Gpm with some details too. By going thru the plans and parts, i noticed that the keel and side extensions from the stern and some other parts where not a part of the kit. So when i was back on earth again and i wanted to build her, i placed an order by Gpm for the laser card set from the Mercury, who is a few years later sister. So i am going to build the both of them, the Enterprize as Original and the Mercury in the yellow and black colors. Please notise that Gpm is a good partner for orders. Let the build begin. Gr.Jos.
  4. Hoi Karl, beautyfull job, and I do mean the ship. Merry christmas and a verry good 2016. Gr. Jos.
  5. Hoi Pete, let me tell you I love these cross sections, and the way you and all the other builders are handeling it. Please keep up the good work. Gr. Jos.
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