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Santisima Trinidad By Dusty - Finished

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Well my friends here goes, I started this four years ago, the Trini,I found the plans online as a set of pdf files. I cut the main bulkheads and keel from some pieces of leftover 1/4" paneling, The under planking was made from thin plywood from an old interior door. The upper bulwarks and trim are those long fireplace matchsticks and the railings are toothpicks. Budget considerations, I'm sure you understand. I looked at kits and I was horrified at the cost and quality. I decided if you had to use junk to make a ship I would use my own junk, In all seriousness I wasn't sure how it would turn out and so did not want to make too big an investment. All  my early pics are on an old drive which is now in the hands of a friend trying to recover them. If anyone has Questions please ask and I'll try and explain how I did what. 





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Very impressive Dusty.  Amazing what one can do on a budget.  I take it you carved the figurehead? 


BTW, I notice some battlestations and the stern of another ship in a picture.  You've been building ships for awhile, I take it.

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Yes, I've been building things for a long time, You are right about the figurehead, I did carve it, I made the battle stations before I did the upper decks to make sure I got the guns and the ports aligned correctly. The musket in the background was my 1776-1976 Project, and yes it does shoot (1.2 oz ball) .75 cal. 

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