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  1. if I can phrase what I want to say in English , I would say " Gorgeous Wood & Modeling Work" thank you for sharing all these details Mhmd
  2. Great job Danny . . you brought it back to life I'm planning to start my HMS Victory , how do you feel about Krick HMS Victory (Mantua) Kit ??
  3. Congratulations on a job brilliantly done , you can never tell how educating and fun to follow your build log Thank you for sharing all this Will be waiting for the next project Bless your hands Mo.
  4. Brilliant , as usual Danny how did you change the color of the cannons from solid painted black into this grey like color in the last two pics ? Mohamad
  5. Nice work , Do you know your La Nina log is the only one on the internet ? I' started mine , but sent no logs so far been wondering Keith, how could you bend the first blank like that ?! Mohamad
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