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Hi I'm new here & currently making a number of LCVP & LCU craft for my diorama in 1.72 scale. However I'm finding it difficult & costly to find a reasonable supplier to purchase decal rivets & adhesive solution that I think are a reasonable cost. I live in the U.K & am aware of Archer products in the U.S but by time I add post& pack it isn't cheap! Not meaning to be tight fisted, but I'm a disabled Veteran & on a very limited pension.

If anyone knows of quality suppliers within the UK I'm sure this would prove more cost effective for me.

Any help/ advice is most welcome.


Thank you,



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Hello Martin


Try looking at the resin rivet decals for Rail roads from Micro Mark. They have the best value for what you get. They have two scales "O" gauge 1/48 and HO which is 1/87 scale. You get straight lines and round patterns and multi rivet line patterns.


I have used them on my Accurate Armour's Flak LVCT in 1/76 scale.And my Revell 1/72 Flower Class Corvette along with the Little Ships PE and white metal cast detail sets.



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Martin - Here is another possibility. A company called RPToolz  makes a punch set for rivets. The kit is expensive in the States because they are Czech or Polish. Could be cheaper there. You can punch rivet heads from brass or styrene. The kit makes either 10 or 12 different sizes. Check out my post here.

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You might try experimenting with small dots of thick white glue, or a thick epoxy. Sometimes good results can be had. Just get a cricket game on and do deep breathing.  Seriosly though you might try it.  Bill in Idaho

Bill, in Idaho

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