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Les Bateux Leclerc


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I looked them up. https://bateauxminiatureslucleclerc.wordpress.com/historique/  Apparently three generations of Canadian model makers. Models in several Canadian museums and the Queen of England is noted as having one.


Have no personal familiarity with the company and thus cannot comment on their model accuracy and the like, but can say that Les Bateaux Leclerc is legit. I would be comfortable purchasing their products.



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I don't think those are the same outfits. "Bateaux miniatures" is a company that makes model ships. Bateaux Leclerc may be connected to the family somehow, but Bateaux Leclerc was a kit line. They are not high profile within the ship modeling community, and I think they may even have been out of the business for a considerable time. I have seen Leclerc kits for sale on eBay and elsewhere from time to time. I suspect their kits are on par with what was being produced back in the 70s/80s - something like the AL of Canada.

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