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Bounty - Caldercraft or Amanti

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Belatedly realising that my scratch build might take much longer than my originally planned 10 years I have decided to get a kit to do at the same time.


I was thinking of trying something different to my normal warships so want to build the Bounty. The question I would like advice on is which of the two listed manufacturers is better for accuracy.


I can kit bash quite happily so components are less an issue and have built two caldercraft kits before ( Snake and Diana ) so instructions issues are less of a problem.


What I dont like is out-seized metal/other fittings or scale issues with the base model.


Anyway and advice would be welcome..


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I vote for Caldercraft, at least they use Admiralty plans for design. Unfortunately the non-scale fittings etc. can be problem also here. Manufacturers just save the costs and offer "general" stuff for various models rather than providing special design for particular vessel. Still, as a kit, CC would be my choice.

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I am currently building the Caldercraft version. I'm happy with the quality except for the walnut planks included or the second layer of planking. I've built the Caldercraft Supply and have the Caldercraft Endeavour on the shelf. This is an ongoing issue with Caldercraft. I wish they would look at improving the quality of this timber. The only consolation is that they provide plenty of planks. Plans are OK but I am using the the A.O.T.S - Bounty - as well. I will also probably scratch build many of the fittings.



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