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18th Century Longboat by Gif_Hasie - Model Shipways - 1:48 - Finished

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Welcome to Gif_Hasie's18th Century Longboat Build log, or known by an alternative name: "Another damn 18th Century Longboat Buil log!" :P


I bought this kit from Modelexpo's ebay site when it went on sail. Processing was fast and I was actually surprised that the package arrived before the stated due date, since orders from USA takes forever to clear our customs.


One great benefit of this kit, is that there is a plethora of other build logs on here to see how people constructed there's and to ask for help, plus the designer of the kit is also present on this site - if this was only true for all kits, life would be easier. :)




Right, so first off, I going to construct this kit as a thank you gift to my senior manager at work, since he helped save my job in the beginning of the year when I was in a pickle. So this model is going to get the whole treatment, i.e. display base and glass casing.


Also, I am going to deviate from the colour (yes, that is the correct spelling ;) ) scheme and apply a modified colour scheme. I like the one colour scheme Cathead posted in his build log, which is shown below. However, I said before, I will modify it as I go along.




Looking at the contents of the box, nothing seems missing, and the false keel is not bended - hooray!




The plans and manuals.


Wait, what sorcery is this!? Where is the multiple language manual for all those central European languages I can't speak or read(except Dutch), I demand a refund! :angry:  ;)  :P




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Thanks guys! :)



That first picture is Beautiful. Thanks for sharing the picture. Looks to be a nice build, best of luck with the build.


You should thank Cathead for that, he had it in his build log :)


Progress has actually been fairly quick, keel and false keel assembled, with rabbet line etc.


Bulkheads were added and reinforcements added.


I have started fairing the bulkheads as well as the bow fillers and transom.


One thing I noticed was with my kit, is that it seems that the laser cutting cut down on an angle down on the false keel. I had to file down the angle in order for the bulkheads to align properly.



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Started with the planking of the hull. Not very clean operation compared to some other builds, but with sanding it will become better :)


I am using pins to stimulate some pinning holes, however, it will be filled and smoothed out once all the planks have been laid, and the hull is been smoothed.


I must say, this is the first time I am using a rabbet line, and it is very useful in getting an anchorage point, as well as making the ends of the planks join the keel more smoothly. Will definitely use a rabbet with my future products!


Going to focus now on working from the bottom upwards with the planking.




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Nice planking :)

Thanks Cobra


Not much to report back, however, I finished planking the hull.


Next up is to sand the hull down to make it smooth, and remove the inner fittings of the ship.


Can't wait to start painting it! :)


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I finished smoothing down the hull: :)





I took out the inner bulkheads, using a dremel made it quick and easy:




Uh oh! snapped a bit off with the dremel! :o



Sanded down the interior, as well as fixing the bulkhead:




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Hey this looks neat. Good craftsmanship. Well done. You did a great job on getting all the charing from the laser off.

Regards, Scott


Current build: 1:75 Friesland, Mamoli


Completed builds:

1:64 Rattlesnake, Mamoli  -  1:64 HMS Bounty, Mamoli  -  1:54 Adventure, Amati  -  1:80 King of the Mississippi, AL

1:64 Blue Shadow, Mamoli  -  1:64 Leida Dutch pleasure boat, Corel  -  1:60 HMS President Mantra, Sergal


Awaiting construction:

1:89 Hermione La Fayette AL  -  1:48 Perserverance, Modelers shipyard

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Thanks for the comments! :)


I maid a stain mixture for the inside of the longboat to get a more darker appearance.


I felt like some painting, and started painting the model. Finished with the black rim, will try to get some white acrylic paint for the bottom.


I like how the black paint came out. Might not be clear from the pictures, but the wood texture still comes out, depending on the angle and light conditions.





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Had some time to make some progress.


Painted the rest of the hull in white, as well as fit the stern post:




I applied a coat of gloss varnish for protection while working further on the ship. Will make it matt again later.


I started with the cap rail:



After some sanding down:




I am still going to fine tune the cap rail, as well as add the joining piece.


The cap rail am going to stain with an "oak" colour.


Until next time!

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Had some time again to work on the model.


I finished with the rail, and made the middle joining piece.



I added the planks at the bottom, as well as staining the planks and the rail with oak colour. I am pleased with the colour results. :)



Finally, I added the lower rails, as well as staining them oak. Hopefully later I can take some pictures with sunlight.


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Another day, a little bit done :)


Cut out a template for the rear and front boards and glued on the planks that I assembled before hand. I added a black line to one edge of the planks via a permanent ink marker to simulate caulking:



After the template dried I cut off the excess wood:



I tried a dry fit of the rear board and front board, but discovered that the scale of the diagrams to the actual model was off. Uh oh. Will have to modify the board to fit on my own.




So, after some modifying, got the boards to fit. Not the same as the plans, but still adequate. :)





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Update time!


Added the thwarts to the boat.


Next was to make the locker. The plans says the side boards are pre made, but they are way too short!


Therefore, I just made my own boards from the sheet. After the boards, I added the bolts for the locker.


The locker was painted black. To distinguish the locker hinges, I will ad some grey highlights later.


Finally, added the knees to the model. The front and thwart ones were painted black for contrast.


I will continue with the mast thwart this week.











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A small update.


Finished the mass thwart - only need to paint the dowels.


Added the oarlocks to the model - kept the wire colour.


Added some gray highlights to the locker hinges.


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Greetings, another small update.


Finished painting the pins, decided to go for black colour scheme for aesthetic purposes.


Next up was to make the windlass and its handles. The handles is going to be pinned into the windlass. I made the square holes on the sides that can be seen, to give the illusion that the square ends of the handles can be used on these holes.


The picture of the handles doesn't show the tapering/transition of the handles that well, will post another one when they are stained.


I am still not sure if I will paint the windlass black, or maybe the handles black. Will see as I go along.





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Update time :)


Finished the bowsprit and attached it to the boat as per the instructions.


Also finished the rudder and had it painted.


I decided to paint the windlass also black, and add highlights to the holes that will be open after attaching the windlass handles.





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I also had time to work on the mast, boom and the gaff.


The gaff still needs to be completed, I will see if it can be done this weekend.


Once the mast was completed, I stepped it to the longboat. :)





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Thanks GuntherMT.


Had some time this weekend to work on the model.


Finished the Gaff, rigged the Boom and Gaff to the mast.


I also completed the chain plates and added them to the boat.


Haven't added the extra rope to the bellying pins, will first see to have enough for the other rigging.






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I started to add the shrouds. However, I first made some pins to have equil distance between the deadeyes.


One thing to take note off, is that they only supply you with enough rope to complete the shrouds, whereas most of the other components they supply quite enough extra in case you make a mistake,


Will try to complete the other shrouds this week.







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Finished with the shrouds and tying the deadeyes together. Took a few tries, but got it at the end.



While I was at it, I also made the shroud for the forward stay. :)




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