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roter table for dremel

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Having built my own router tables using ply board before they were commercially available, I would say no. Would something like it be handy to have around, sure would. If you have the ability to use such a device, you also have the ability to make your own custom version, that is what I would do.


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Would be happy to except it's long gone, made it in the 70s when my wife wanted some decorated boards for Decoupage or whatever she was doing at the time, routed a bunch for her and friends. All it was, was a 1" X 12" pine board about 2 feet long, drew a circle that matched the router base and routed it out part way through for the base to fit into, bolted the router in and routed a center hole for the bits to fit through. Then attached the thing to a frame of a TV stand I had lying around, sometimes I used a board for a guide, 'fence', used C clamps to hold it in place. Worked well, had both hands free to control the work, took about a hour to make including gathering up the materials. Haven't needed it since and has been a while and several moves ago when I saw it last. Did do something similar using a jig saw that worker better than free hand, it also has disappeared. If the need comes, making replacements will be no problem. All you need is a surface with an opening for the blade or cutter to protrude from, a way to attach the saw or router below on a stand of some kind, C clamps and sawhorses would work, a board and C clamps for a guide if needed. Most of the time a guide is not necessary, many cutters will guide themselves and a jig saw, just follow the lines and finish on a sander. Good luck.


If your first one comes out a little rough, use it to make a better one.

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