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Shoe paint on rigging ropes


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Hello Messis.


Not sure what you are trying to accomplish. Are you trying to just hide some glue stains in a part of a rope, and leave the rest unpainted? Not recommended. 

Are your ropes already fixed on the ship? If you want to cover a few stains you will have to paint all the line, and probably all the similar lines. I think you will have a tough job trying to paint the lines without touching other items like blocks, deadeyes, masts, etc.

I am just brainstorming here, because it is not very clear to me what your problem is. A couple of photos would be of great help. :)


Best regards.

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What kind of glue, leaving what kind of stains?  Just discolored line or is it a 'shine' (from CA) that you are trying to eliminate?


If it's just a shine, then just use a matte varnish (clear) or matte medium (also clear) and it will cover the shine without any color changes.


Tip - Use matte varnish or matte medium as your glue when working with fittings/rope (or a mixture of white glue + water) and it won't be visible when it dries.

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Make a test piece using the same glue on some scrap rope.  After your test piece is dry, try using a small brush with alcohol to clean off the excess glue.  Since the glue pictured is water resistant you can't just use water like you could for regular white glue or yellow wood glue.


Since it it PVA, the alcohol should clean it up.


For future rigging, I'd suggest using white glue rather than yellow, and dilute it for rigging.  If you can get the knots/rigging tight without glue, then clear matte varnish to secure it also works well for me.


Good luck.

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Messis, I sometimes use acetone (nail polish remover) on glue stains as it is a bit more effective on white wood glue than alcohol. Try it on a test piece and see if it works for you. The black paint will go over waxed line if you use an oil based paint like Humbrol. If you thin it down with acetone it will penetrate the wax very effectively but most times it will cover on it's own.



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