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  1. @hof00 Thank you very much for your very kind words. He is here for 3 weeks.
  2. Masting on the go, stoped shortly before my grandson came to visit us.
  3. Hi alex, Thank you for your comments. I do think of using oarsmen and ofcourse a captain and a pilot.... but what do you have inmind? Christos
  4. Very interesting gentlemen! The easiest thing to do is then: "Go safe. Dont put your build in any danger. So dont use bee wax. Go for micro-chrystalline... " After reading what I have just wrote, makes me think... I could open an advertising agency lol 😆
  5. Ok John, thank you for clarifying this to me. Its the hydrogen, carbon and oxygen bondings that are varying, the ph not. Still why some people still talk of the acidity that the bee wax may on a long time term damage the threads? That means that some times we get ph values under 7, or even slightly under 7, but still a 6.4 or even a 6.8 ph can on a long time basis damage the cotton thread I suppose. Christos
  6. @allanyed great! So I gues it can be ph7 or it can also not be. As said: "the compounds and their ratios vary from species to species,". So with the micro-chrystalline wax am on the safe side.
  7. @Chuck Seiler thank you Chuck. Do you do something else after applying the wax, flame or any other heatting, or is the product you suggested, which I can get easily from amazon uk, soft enough so as not to need any further handling?
  8. Waxing or not waxing the thread? Waxing ofcourse offers a better standing of the rope and an easier binding. But wax brings dust on the rope, makes the texture of good quality model rope to look dull and flat.... and lastly there is always the danger of acidity on the long term. So am very sceptical if is better not to use wax. And if use wax am not sure which kind of wax is better. Normal candle wax oris it better to use the nice soft furniture bee wax?
  9. @Mike Dowling thank you very much my friend for your precious advice. I havent yet... so your advice came on time.
  10. https://www.rigging-ropes.com/ Is in Germany. Have used the products twice. Great quality... great service, reasonable prices.
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