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  1. Gunwale almost done with 14 planks in total. Though today the shipyard, as I already mentioned, has closed for two weeks.... the shipyard master will be busy by the visit of his grandson -a three months old petit officer, not of the Cyprus Navy, he is a British subject. Limassol its now spring over 18° C. and the colours of the sea are beautiful! (picture: Limassol Port, harbor tugboat is piloting Natural Gas Drill platform)
  2. Love it Peter! It became a very beautiful model. Did you weathered the sails? The colour fits great.
  3. @cog thank you. About the actress 😁 you mean the lady walking on the ship?😎😄
  4. This is a video I did, as a log of the build, using the pictures I took while building. And ofcourse some other items, that I tought they could help my film production, in challenging may be even an Oscar for next year 😂
  5. @cog dear friend, thats very nice of you to say so. Thank you very much. Always good to see you too in the shipyard.
  6. @chris watton Chris I was above just mentioning to @Dutchman your build of La Belle Poule. I was talking about the quality in design, which your design undoubtedly not only has, but even more that is of a higher standard. Saying that, I thought that its a pity that such a model was abandoned. Still, Is there any kit of yours, of similar design quality, out there in the market, which I could purchase? Christos
  7. @Dutchman how wonderful to know we have the same love! The new version Its really a great kit. Has a good quality of materials and its not bad designed. The frame and the planking could still have been a little better designed (you can see that on the pictures above of @chris wattondesign - thats a design!)And ofcourse the luck of drawings its a minus. Now, I cant tell about the old version. But from pictures am looking to, its not bad either, though the AL people say that its not to be compared with the new one which "is definitely one of their best models ... by far"! Wish you lots of fan with this wonderful kits. Enjoy our great hobby Dutchman... after all this is another way of sailing.... in the naval history! Christos Ps. The original colours of the ship are those of the new kit.The old version was wrong in this.
  8. Planking the gunwale. Planks 2x5x300. Well soaked and then just bending on a cylinder similar to the radius of the ship's bow. So far 14 planks. But shipyard closes for next week and the finishing of the gunwale will be delayed for a week.
  9. @Louie da flyThank you very much Steven for commenting on this new "correction" project of mine.I hope that there is realy a difference waiting for me to be made, by this 2nd attempt . I also hope you are not going to be disappointed and its going to worth following it.
  10. @chris watton Yes you are right to be surprised, its amazing to see even small details to be identical. But thats not the only case. J.M. Ballu in his book "Lafayette's ship of 1780" refers further to Hermione's "two very similar half sisters". That is Charmante and the Jiunon, also launched in 1777. Again as Concord class, 32-gun 12lb frigates. So it seems it was a time when France was building intensively... or better "was mass producing" war ships! La Belle Poule was launched at Basse Indre later in 1801. She belonged to the Virginie class. Was a frigate class, this time, of ten 40-gun 18lb. frigates designed in 1793 by Jacques-Noël Sané.
  11. @chris watton though to be exact, L'Hermione was disgned by Henri Chevillard. With the same drawings were builted in Rochefort four frigates in total (12 lb. Frigates-class Concord). The frigates La Concorde,Le Fee, La Couragese and ofcourse L'Hermione. The replica of Hermione was builted using among other documents, mainly according to the drawings of La Concord. These drawings are preserved in Greenwich Museum since 1783, when the British Royal Navy captured La Concord and established new drawings of the ship.. .
  12. @chris watton thank you so much Chris for this fabulous pictures. Great work and surely its a help for my project.

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