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  1. painting the hull. Most of us dont like painted ships.... wood is warm and beautiful... no comparison! Still I enjoy painting Hermione. She looks very happy with those colours of her. I have used the pigments of Hermione of the 17th century, which the Hermione-Lafayette History Committee found after extensive research. A pantone data table with those, is given in the AL kit. Plus the fact that a gentleman from AL was kind enough to send me over the corresponding paints from Vallejo. So... the Blue of the King, for the bulwarks. A costly colour then, as it contained ground lapis lazouli The Naples yellow, a widely used recipe in the 17th and 18th century in France, was used for the level of the gun-ports. And the remaining hull over the waterline was painted black. And ofcourse the underwater hull was white, which a few months after the launching of the ship, had been replaced by a copper sheathing. Last but not least the red (from red ochre and natural clay) "to hide the blood" according to popular rumour, was used for all the gun-deck, the quarter deck and the fore castle. Here are the pictures of the painting procedure. Note 1: The white paint seen over the waterline, its the vallejo primer (its a thin primer) which I brushed painted as thinly as I could, in order to allow the underneath planking to be visible. Note 2: The white colour, under the waterline its a spray primer which I sprayed thick enough , in order to prepare the hull for the copper sheathing.
  2. Yes! You may be right @mtaylor. The other time building the brass nose of my bireme made me crazy... two days long could not put two pieces together, until I put them into acetone and then it became a piece of cake.
  3. Thanks again Gary. Looking forward for your update. Christos
  4. 😉 @cog dear friend, Is it a sign of old age... or is it just old age? Ofcourse important its not the age but how you feel. I remember my late father when with 82 he got upset and stopped going to his club because "too many older gentlemen there... he preferred something more appropriate for his age".... and that worried my sister a lot, calling me all the time and asking his whereabouts. 👍 @Dutchman yes ofcourse... actually thats the whole fan in this blog.... Its a getting together of people from every corner of our planet! I believe thats a wonderful feeling!!
  5. Thank you guys for the likes. Its a nice feeling knowing you are not alone out there, talking to your self. 😍 Thank you. Christos
  6. Planking finished and sanding already had some rough passes. I think its time to build a supporting jig in order to keep the model safe from keeping as the build goes forward.
  7. Gary great work! Congrats. I have downloaded my self and kept it in my archives. It a great rigging tool. Thank you. Christos
  8. Great Steven.... wish you a new visit soon. Do you know the prof. I mentioned above? Christos
  9. Steven very interesting discussion over history! I was just thinking of Prof. Ahrweiler. (Helene Glykatzi-Ahrweiler is Greek academic Byzantinologist at Sorbonne Uni France ) She wrote a few good books. I was impressed of an older book of her "The byzantine ideology".... remarkable. I dont know about the english title I have just gave, because I got it in greek. The book made me visit Konstantinoupolis.... fascinating place!!! CHRISTOS
  10. Hi everyone, Am back again. 18 days grandson kept the shipyard shutdown. Now he is back to UK... time to catch up some work. Just recalculated the remaining plank gaps. It seems a joggler will be needed on each side. And ofcourse two correction planks, a long one and a small short one. Started preparing the jogglers... and installed two bow planks, on each side, which are the last in full width. The next planks two close the bow will be a joggler almost identical in each side, which will be projected after the third frame into two thinner planks. Lets see how well it goes tomorrow.
  11. @Richardjjs Just found out admiaralitys is a caldercraft paint.... cheers Christos
  12. Thank you Robert for your quick response. It seems am going for a paint and some graphite over it. And may be some dry amber. Christos @Richardjjs I was told about the admiarality's flat black and the Tamiya deep black iron... is great for realistic cannons painting. It seems as you said I have to try and the Caldercraft paint as well.
  13. Robert the finished cannon looks amazing realistic! Well done. Were the cannons brass or were they just some cast metal? Because I failed the other time I used the Birchwood Brass Black... the cannons were not brass.
  14. Steven I can send it over no prlm. Note that it is in modern greek not middle age greek.

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