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  1. @Mike Dowling he he ..... actualy I have the ideal piano fingers.... though I dont know how to play the piano.
  2. Oh... too late for me. I did it by using only my fingers. @DelF @Mike Dowling show some pictures guys.... it helps.
  3. @Mike Dowling yes Mike I did. Here is the paint I have used. Excellent paint! Christos
  4. Stem almost there.... . Much iron (bronze) work! I find it challenging because I never worked so much metals by model shipbuilding. Wasnt very hard though I am very inexperience in this kind of work. But still am looking forward to go back to old nice wood work.... lol
  5. Happy new year Tom. You made a magnificent cannon rigging! Its to be taught in shipmodel universities lol. I read about your covid testing experience.... horrible! Just unspeakable. How old are you Tom? Christos
  6. So much to correct it. Nr4 is the way its now, 3 and 4 are the new experiments, of which I believe nr 2 has the more correct staining, thats less orange as 3 and ofcourse 4 and it still has a dash of honey as pine wood. This is important because this shall be the staining of the ship masts later on.
  7. The nice light oak stain looks too orange.... although the stain I used is a great product (used it successfully on Hermione's masting), it seems I over did it this time. So dos and redos, are as always in the agenta....
  8. @DelF thank Dereck for your nice words and ofcourse I appreciate your comments and expiriences over painting. As you see I took the decision not to paint the hull. Christos
  9. @Roger Pellett thank you very much. "Light and graceful" were not all ships at that time, the commercial ships had very deep huls indeed, in order to transport more load and they were heavy and sailed only by their sail. The war ships, as Odysseus ship, were used to transport the warriors, there arent any refereneces of sea battles , so they were light, flexible and fast, in order to invade suprisly or attack and withdraw fast etc etc. Hope thats interesting.... and doesnt make me look "a wise guy".
  10. @Landrotten Highlander and @catopower I was in politics a life long.... no I dont think @catopower deserves such a penalty! Lol lol Its an answer trying to help me explore my way of thinking and find a way through . Anyway am settled, am going for nice instead of heistorical accuracy.
  11. Thank you guys.... though am asking because apparently I am in a dilemma. The dilemma that has so nicely @Landrotten Highlander described.
  12. Question to whom it may concern: Is it a white painted hull as the original ship better, or is it nicer to let it as it is, pure wood?
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