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Swift 1805 by Sapphire22 - Artesania Latina - 1/48th - First build

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Well having been browsing through other peoples builds I felt brave enough to start one on my Swift...It may also get me in the habit of taking pictures and writting up my progress for when I start the Bounty.


These photos were taken 2 weeks in to the build and although I have made many mistakes I have managed to getting it reasonably the right shape.


There are things that I wouldn't do the same way, but I am sure trial and error is a great way to learn.






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I have just got HMS Bounty by Artesania Latina with the cut away side, My plan is to incorperate my love of miniature dolls houses and set a scene inside the ship that reflects the film.  am rather excited about it to be honest.

Thank you for your complements I am loving this hobby and itching to get the swift finished, but know that I need to take it steady.  Have had a couple of books arrive and been studying up on the rigging, as need to master this as there is a huge amount on the Bounty that currently means nothing to me other that look like a spider has gone nuts on it......  figured that if I can understand what each rope does then will make mose sence to me.



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A few more pics of my work so far,  I have just finished the small hatchway, and was lpeased that I managed to get pins into the hinges on the doors.the instructions didnt plank the back of the doors but I felt that they needed to be finished off as they would have been solid wood.  also happy that the hatch does slde quite nicely. they have still to be sanded and varnished but will possible do that when the other one is built.







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Well this afternoon when I was meant to be cooking Dinner  (which despite setting my alarm to remind me to actually start it ) it is now going to be a later supper instead, I managed to sort out and asemble the rudder, I found that trying to drill a 2mm hole a bit scary as there was not alot of room for error, unfortuantly my little bit drill has a fixed collet so was unable to hold the larger drill bit.  So I placed the drill bit in the vice and turned the rudder handle over the drill bit, this worked really well.  I then sanded the rudder shaft to the correct size to accept the bushing and finally sanded the end to fit inside the hole I had drilled.  was really chuffed that the fit was perfect and ended up flush,  only thing is it doesn't state if this should be glued on although it is a good fit would hate for it to get knocked off.


must admit I didn't realise how long it took me until he started asking if we were going to eat tonight!!!   oppps  really need to keep him on side as thinking may need to take over the bigger work top soon!









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Regards. I've been working on my own swift for some months now. A trick that may be of use in the future, i made the shaft of my rudder by carving roughly a diameter then made an improvised draw plate by drilling holes in a metal ruler. Twisting through the progressively smaller holes gave a perfectly shaped and sized shaft to fit the tiller handle.

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I'm in the deck hardware and starting rigging phase.  If you have the little bucket with a brass handle, my advise would be to make up a rope handle for it.  The brass gave me all kinds of fits.  if I had it to do over again I would have done rope.  And when you dril out holes for the cast hardware (smokestacks, cleats, pump, etc.) don't make them too tight.  If you need to twist or push too much to get them in place, you'll likely break it off in the hole.  Don't ask me how I know.

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