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Dear all

I am about to laminate the stem and I would like your thoughts whether I could use PVA glue. The boat is 1:10 scale, there will be 14 laminates, each 0.5 mm thick and 20 mm wide. It will be a big stem!

I can use epoxy and I am sure it will come out fine with no spring back. However, working with epoxy is a dirty business, takes ages to dry and it will be a very hard stem, difficult to cut bevels etc.

Could I use PVA? Will there be appreciable spring back, glue starved areas, will the short opening time be a problem and will it be strong enough?



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I have seen PVA and Super glue used at the same time one to hold the joint at the start and the second to give you time A drop of SG in-between splashes of PVA 


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I have done laminating with epoxy many times and rarely had any problems.  As for clean up I use mineral sirits for clean up.  The advantage once cured is stability and durablility. Carpenters glue is just as messy but also easy clean up..  However doe drying timor curing I have usually gone for a 24 hr rate to ensure proper adhesion.

David B

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