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Need a Supplier for stern Windows and lights? (edited by admin)

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I do no know if there is a supplier available.  ut what you can do is do a build up of th window starting out with stripsof wood that are 1/16 or 1/32 thick.  I am not sure of your dimensions.  make a copy of the window and glue it to a surface that will fit the contour of the stern and shape the strips to the plan.  when you have the shape cut and position it and start over again. until the plan s covered.  If you check out some of the other logs they will have some photos to show what I am trying to explain.

David B

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Hi Les,


The Caldercraft Endeavour provides the correct shape windows as photo-etch and the stern decorations similar to the AOTS in white metal.


I am not sure if this is still the case but Cornwall Model Boats used to stock all the Caldercraft components individually including Endeavour so it might worth checking there for the bits you want.




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