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Correct Parral Question

Sgt Mike

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Hello Everyone, I have a question  :unsure:  about making the yard parrals.  About a month ago my wife took me to HOBBY LOBBY for her to get jewelry supplies.  While there I noticed that they have "seed beads" that are made of wood and the same size as the blue/black glass beads that are supplied in kits for the parrals.  I thought wow!  I went and purchased some.


Am I correct in my thinking to use these wooden seed beads for parrals?  My thinking is that  in ancient ships they would not have used glass due to the fracturing/manufacturing issues and depending on the time frame are manufacturers trying to simulate iron?  Any advise and comment would be welcome.  As my wife says, I am too much of a perfectionist at this hobby (I LOVE IT,  fits my old sarge personality!) :D .

Michael C. Warnick,



Current Build:  MS Fair American

Prior Builds:  AL Swift, AL San Francisco II, AL Mississippi

In the hanger:  MS Benjamin W. Latham

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The problem with parrel trucks is that unless you are working at large scale they are very small particularly for the upper yards and my opinion is that scale is more important than material.


Wood is fine if the scale suits but I had to resort to glass seed beads at 1:64 scale for the topsail yards, and micro brass tubing for the T'gallants.


If authenticity is what you're after it should be borne in mind that parrel trucks are slightly barrel shaped rather than round.



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