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Plank bending for real

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There are many methods to bend planks for models (see the many tutorials on the Framing-Planking forum). We know shipyards had steaming houses and chambers for bending planks. My question is:

Your frigate having just done battle with the enemy somewhere in the Indian Ocean, how does YOUR ships carpenter bend planks to repair YOUR ship?



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Your carpenter only patches up short lengths which do not need bending, or can be 'carved' to fit the gap made by an enemy ball.  For a better repair, you go to a friendly yard in India or you anchor and build repair facilities sufficient to get home.

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That is all you need ...




... for planks sufficient long for that:





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Hi Dafi;


Interesting pictures;  thank you for posting them.  The name on the boat chandler's shop next door seems slightly optimistic!  :)


All the best,


Mark P

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Always on the go: Research into Royal Navy sailing warship design, construction and use, from Tudor times to 1790. 


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