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HMS Victory Cross Section by Tidbinbilla - Corel

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I started this model about a month ago.  I am greatly indebted to the work and contribution "paulv1958" has made by sharing his progress in building this kit.  I closely followed his work and heeded his suggestions.  As you will see below, I am at the point where I'm beginning the standing rigging.  I will also plan ahead and attach all the yard/mast blocks needed for the running rigging before attaching the yards to the mast and stepping the latter.

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The hull has been painted.  I used the Corel recommended color scheme for two reasons.  I already had the paint and I grew up seeing the Victory painted this color.  I have not taken to the recently revised pinkish color.  Besides, according to the HMS Victory website, the captain had the right to choose his own color, so since I'm the Captain of this ship, I like the Ochre!  There remains some paint touch-up.



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As you can see, I decided to add copper plates to hull.  I only partially covered only side because I wanted one to see the underlying planks.


Also, my placement of the gun ports was off.  I didn't leave enough room to extend the steps up to the top deck.  Oh well....


One note re the gratings.  The pieces supplied by Corel were useless.  The cuts were uneven and irregular.  I ended up buying some material from an Australian vendor that were precisely cut and easy to assemble.




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As you can see, this model is completed.  Next is to make a Plexiglas case for it.  I might show some details on how that construction goes.


The Corel rigging directions leave a lot to the imagination.  In many cases, I had to make a best guess:  around the mast cap and trees, belaying pin choice.


This kit supplied only tan rigging lines.  I used some left over black line for all the non-running rigging.


Corel did supply more than enough material and parts - the dead eye count was spot on!


The supplied HMS Victory name plate is horrible.  I'm having a brass one made to mount to the case bottom.


Overall, I give this kit an A-, the minus due to its rigging instructions.

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I had completed this project a couple of months ago but have been lax in finishing off my blog.  The case base was made out of some old oak table leaves that I ran through a planner and router.  I used 1/4 acrylic for the actual case.  Pieces were cut out using an 80 tooth table saw blade.  The cuts were blocks sanded before gluing together.  I glued the top to the case.  This was NOT a good idea.  It would have smarter to make some type of removable top thus making gluing the sides and cleaning much easier.

All in all, I really enjoyed putting this kit together.  It was a fun winter project.

Ta, till next winter...



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You have done a superb job of this kit. Well done. It's looking great.

Good to see that, Not only is it a cross section but you have left off some the copper plates to see the hull planks.:cheers:

Regards, Scott


Current build: 1:75 Friesland, Mamoli


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Awaiting construction:

1:89 Hermione La Fayette AL  -  1:48 Perserverance, Modelers shipyard

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