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Gun tackle bolt placing at rear of Triton cross section

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I've been puzzling where to place the two gun tackle bolts aft of the rearmost gun on the cross-section.


The plans for the gun tackles clearly show that the bolts be placed at 3.17mm and 4.35mm respectively (at 1:48) from the edge of the gunport, but the aftmost gun bracket placing means there's only a 1.65mm space between it and the gun port.


The bracket itself is 2mm wide. I suspect that the bolts would therefore have to be placed on the other side of the bracket, a bit wider than indicated by the plans, but I thought I'd better check with the more knowledgeable here before drilling for either bracket or tackle bolts and rings.


Thanks as usual for any help!







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Thanks, Anguirel and Druxey, for your thoughts. I was looking at the possibility of the knee itself.


I can see from TFFM that before 1780 it was more common for the knees to be made of wood and the knees would take the bolts, but in these plans of the 1773 ship they're made of iron so I thought that it might be difficult to put the bolts through them.


I don't think the stairs will get in the way if I put the bolts the other side of the bracket, but I can see  it's a bit crowded.


I'm just turning the cannon right now, so I'll have another look when the guns are assembled.


I am concerned that if the bolts go wider at one side there might be some imbalance when the guns are fired -- though in this particular case these guns will never fire and the ship would have sunk well before that being without a stem, a stern and half its planking.



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