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Hi I'm a total newbee.  I am attempting to build the San Juan model by Artesania Latina.  butt I don't know how to transfer  measurements from the plans to the model. I have read two books Planking techniques for model ship builders and ship modeling simplified. The only thing I can gather from the books is this is done with two drafts mans triangles.  butt I don't know how you keep the triangles level.  I know one Is placed with one side against the table.  That should make it level in one direction but what about the other direction?  Also how do you mark the model and hold two triangles at a specific point?  May be I'm missing something may be there is a better way I don't know.  Sorry if these questions are dumb! 

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And you got more than one view of the ship on your plans (drawings). So its very easy . Take a reference point which you have both on the modell and on your plans. For example the top of the keel or the bulkhead in the center etc etc. And start mesuaring. You dont need to mesuare in two axes because you just work each time with the axes of the view your are looking at the moment. 


You dont need to mesuare 3D. Each time work the axes that its refering on the view you are looking at.


Hope that helps. If thats so you are wellcome to come back to ne any time.

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1:1 2D plans. OK, is your side view drawn with C/L offset measurements or along the ark, need to know, I would expect them to have been along the ark showing uniform distances between the ports, if so, do your port layout using measurements taken from the overhead view for stationing of your ports and other features. Think about a, '3, 4, 5 triangle', where the base is 4 and parallel to C/L of the keel on your model, the 5 represents a chord distance along an arc along your hull. A, ' 3, 4, 5 triangle', forms a true right angle without measuring angles using distances, it displays the relationship of distances from different view perspective, overhead compared to side views. Reason that farmer Jones gets a larger crop than his neighbor Smith, land in this country is measured horizontally, not on the slope, so Jones hillside 160 acres has more surface area than farmer Smiths flat land 160 acres does, you are dealing with the same problem when mixing views along an ark with flats from different perspectives. 

jud  :pirate41:

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