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Hms Victory by maaaslo - DeAgostini/Modelspace

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Hello, olla, ahoy friends and collegues.

i think the time just come, that even i create a thread with my work. Not that there is much to show, hehe...

i am building Hms victory, as title of the thread would also tell you.

by no means i build with much of, what you would call skill, its just mere attempt to finish off what i started as a slightly younger enthusiastic modeller with no clue.

i have already described my attempts at building this ship elswhere on this great forum. For those who did not catch it, it whas where i described it as a kit for learning (that for learning what i can and cannot do) and that it is sodomised. The latter i still stand for. In the pictures you will see, why i say so.


my appologies for the choice of surrounding for the pictures. My and the admiral we live in a small flat and i dont have a dedicated workshop.

for those building the same model, i am on issue 69, building and fitting out fore mast.



The gallery sits on slightly out of allignement. Nothing i can do now, and i have learned my lesson. Next one will be built a lot better.


You can see, i had to use a lot of filler. It does not bother me, first planking job. Because of that, i had to settle for painting, to cover the botched job.


Also, i dont think this was entirely my fault, but bow looks different to what it should. I have faired it to the point where all the planks were sitting flat. Maybe i over did it... 


Main mast was done according to the instruction, which are btw very, very detailed. Just not correct. Very schematic and simplified.



Main yard. Instruction called for twisting the wire into coil and attach it to the yard. I hate the way it look and will re do it using just thread. Should i stiffen the thread using ca glue or pva?




I tried to imitate the cannon tackles. Looks so bad... good thing is it wont be visible. Those blocks are just way too big for the



Also, i have not had bees wax just yet, when i finished the railings, thats why the line looks so not hanging much...


I will take any criticism, altough its too late to fix much of it. For encouragement i thank you in advance.

next update will be after the finished fore mast fitting out.

one question: what kind of primer to use on hull? I know car primer, but which one?

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I think you have a fine looking project going there. I'd recommend the PVA for rigging if you have time to wait for drying. Gun rigging looks fine, I know what you mean about blocks too large. I need to see some pics of the real rigs to see what the proportions would be. Maybe you can go smaller on the upper ,more visible decks.

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don't take me wrong, i am quite proud of myself, what i have achieved. i have never ever ventured into anything this complex.

i will re do those footrope supports on spars. i hate the look and its not even close to reality. i drove past Cutty Sark in Greenwich the other day and have looked at her spars, just as the were posing over the roofs... i know that that's the look i would like to achieve. i don't mind waiting for the glue to set. Gorilla glue can be pretty fast, to be honest.

regarding tackles for the guns, i think the blocks would have to be something around 1.5mm in this scale. i wouldn't mind working with them, but who is going to manufacture?

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A very handsome ship indeed. If you are looking for accuracy, the Anatomy of a Ship HMS Victory is an excellent source.  You can scale the drawings exactly to your kit scale by photocopying. Makes things a lot easier to work in full scale.

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Thank you all for your kind words, pictures do not show the true face if the monster. I will have to take a few closeups, to convince you guys :)

On 25/05/2017 at 7:25 PM, maaaslo said:

regarding tackles for the guns, i think the blocks would have to be something around 1.5mm in this scale. i wouldn't mind working with them, but who is going to manufacture?

I found the answer: chuck passaro...

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