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Point ends of lines

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In reading the Thomas Kydd series of books, there are a number of references to "pointing" the ends of running rigging lines at times instead of adding a whipping to the ends,  which was  a new one for me.  I see this as a practical thing for reeving lines for our modeling practices.   I was just wondering if anyone else is familiar with this practice and how common it was.


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Nobody actually does this on any of the ships I've been aboard: too much work. I've only seen an actual physical example a handful of times and in each case the person who had done it was simply doing it because it's one of the things the old rigging books include-they do if once just to have done it once. In truth if the line won't  fit into the block without being tapered? The line is too thick for the block anyway.




 Niagara USS Constitution 


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