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Kits in SA

Evo R

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Hi Evo

We are in the same situation here in Australia

My last 4 kits I have bought from the UK and the US

I am not sure if it is the same for you but we dont pay tax in the exporting country and dont 

pay Australian GST.

The reduction in taxes offsets the freight cost

Hope that helps



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Hi thanks kenr for your input.


Unfortunatly we pay!


Let me give you a rough example:


Buying the actual kit from USA is the cheap part!


Order kit from shop (&*& at $ 500.00


So its $500.00 =  +- R 4250.00

Shipping cost  =  +-  R 2000.00

Import Tax       =  +-  R2500.00

Then VAT is sometime charged on certian items. I dont know for sure as i get different answers from different people. If VAT is chargde then add another 14%. All this give or take on a quote that i got from a shop in the US. And calculated on an exchange rate of R8.50 to the Dollar.


So then the intial $500.00 kit works out to $1173.52


So then it is not viable anymore to get such an "over priced" kit to your door with a very high risk of a part missing and or broken.


Thats why i still say....the oversea's guys have it so much better in this regard.




Evo R

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I never understood why countries impose import taxes on products and/or services that are NOT AVAILABLE in that country.  Obviously it is to make money for the government to waste, and to encourage buying in country made products when available, but seems unfair to the people of the country.


Then to add insult to injury, not charging folks in other countries the VAT,  such as Great Britain not charging VAT when Americans buy from companies in England.


Not intended to cause any political arguments, just an observation.

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