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Hello from Hervey Bay, QLD, Australia


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Hi All


Recently found this site and have been browsing through the forums, What an incredible wealth of information!


I'm new to the hobby, having started out with the Sirius Deck Cannon from Modeller's Shipyard to see if I had the goods. It didn't turn out to badly, so I'm now building the Corel Victory Cross Section. I figured that a cross-section would probably expose me to most of the different skills I'd need when I go for the real deal. Next in line is probably the Sirius from Modeller's Shipyard (to learn planking) and if I make a good fist of that I want to build the Victory or another ship of the line.


Looking forward to following build logs and meeting some of you :)




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G'day Geezer, and a welcome from down south :).


"Sirius" is a fairly good kit from all accounts, but she may be a bit of a handful to learn planking on. I'd suggest one of Modeller's Shipyard's smaller offerings like the Norfolk Sloop, Port Jackson Schooner or Mary Byrne. In my build log of the Norfolk Sloop (link in my signature) I do a "Plank by Plank" description of how I cut, shaped and laid each one, which may be helpful to you.


:cheers:  Danny

Cheers, Danny

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