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Tugboat decking around 1900

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I am building a model steam tugboat from around the 1890’s -1900 period based on the Model Shipways “Taurus” which is a composite of several tugs. I am wondering if the decking in general practice would be nibbled at waterway, or would be curved following the waterway like a yatch might. I have looked at MANY photos, but almost none of the views show the deck. Later time period pics I have found show a metal deck or painted deck. I have found one image of a tug being restored and the decking was curved short planks but had been painted over. Anybody have any idea what might have been the most likely practice at that time? I don’t want to paint the deck.  I already know I can’t get a definitive answer, but I would like to hear some thoughts. Thanks.




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Thanks, I actually was doubtful I would get a response to my question. That is just what I've been looking for. Now I can say it was a practice during the time frame so it is a reasonable possibility for my boat. Question though, the smaller U shaped planking, is that on the roof of the wheel house or in it?  Does those plans show the base of the stack, where it enters the superstructure?


Thanks again, Kurt


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