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  1. Well it's time I wrap this one up. I have added a Burgee and a club pendent which I made from paper, printed both sides than glued together and mounted on staffs. The boat has been renamed It is now called Miss Mabel. The reason for that is that this little burg I live in is called Lebam. The first postmaster wanted to name this whistle stop after his daughter (Mabel) to which she did not want. So he reversed the spelling and the town of Lebam it became. I thought it only fitting that I rename by boat by reversing Lebam and calling it Miss Mabel. The club pendent letters L.Y.C. stand for Lebam Yacht Club not that there ever was one.
  2. Been there, done that on the stones. Your project looks mind boggling with all the removeable decks. Looking good Patrick
  3. Bill. Wonderful looking Chris- Craft and hope it inspires me to finish my Hacker design Hydroplane. gotta love these old classic's
  4. Well I got a few things done on my project. I know it's been awhile. Need to finish dashboard, a fuel port, a couple of penant poles and some decals.
  5. Harvey, There were a few built up my way( Willapa Bay ) and in Grays harbor as well. Will follow your build as I have a interest in steam ships.
  6. Nice looking small working craft. Weathering looks good but the white sail looks out of place(should it be weathered also?)
  7. Dan, At the top of the home page there's a tool bar and under MORE there's a community map. It will show you members near you. I am 119 miles north of you in Lebam Wa.
  8. http://www.hawk-graphics.com/pages/decals.html here is one place in Canada
  9. Terry, Have you tried looking on www.hathitrust.org/ {online books) search international marine engineering for the years you are interested in. I have a set that spans 1896-1906 and have seen many naphtha launches some with drawings.
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