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HMS Pandora sneak peak

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I have been researching and studying the HMS Pandora recently and decided to attempt at building a 3d model of her. She's a beautiful ship and definitely worth modeling. I am currently working on the keel, and will be using various different resources (mainly the anatomy of the ship book) to build her.

I'll attach an image of a quick scene I set up involving my gunpowder barrels and lanterns. This will be an arduous and difficult challenge, and hopefully I'll be able to see her through. I'm using a software called Blender to model and do my renderings on. Once I finish the keel I'll start a main log and post on there regularly (hopefully). Any future comments on inaccuracies would be much appreciated. Even though I love the time period I'm not super smart about the terms and parts of ship. I haven't really downloaded any textures yet and I should be able to use basic materials and roughness values to make things look like iron, wood, etc





Happy modeling,


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Looks good, Zach.   Might I suggest that you replace those powder barrels with water barrels?  A bit of a safety hazard to say the least. ;):)

"The shipwright is slow, but the wood is patient." - me

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