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Where to get 200 mm long clinker lifeboat?

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Hi Moxis,


I think the British web- sites "Cornwall Boat Models" or "model Dockyard" could provide what you are looking for. They have make Quaycraft clinker Dinghi and bouble ender clinker Lifeboat in scale 1:24, lengths round a bout 200mm, but perhaps do not have then on stock right now. May be worth a try..... They will be quite a cost.., but versa scratch build on your own.. ?




Current builds

-Lightship Elbe 1


- Steamship Ergenstrasse ex Laker Corsicana 1918- scale 1:87 scratchbuild

"Zeesboot"  heritage wooden fishing small craft around 1870, POB  clinker scratch build scale 1:24

Pilot Schooner # 5 ELBE  ex Wanderbird, scale 1:50 scratchbuild

Mississippi Sterwheelsteamer built as christmapresent for grandson modified kit build

Chebec "Eagle of Algier" 1753--scale 1:48-POB-(scratchbuild) 

"SS Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse" four stacker passenger liner of 1897, blue ribbond awarded, 1:144 (scratchbuild)
"HMS Pegasus" , 16 gun sloop, Swan-Class 1776-1777 scale 1:64 from Amati plan 

-"Pamir" 4-mast barque, P-liner, 1:96  (scratchbuild)

-"Gorch Fock 2" German Navy cadet training 3-mast barque, 1:95 (scratchbuild) 

"Heinrich Kayser" heritage Merchant Steamship, 1:96 (scratchbuild)  original was my grandfathers ship

-"Bohuslän" , heritage ,live Swedish museum passenger steamer (Billings kit), 1:50 

"Lorbas", river tug, steam driven for RC, fictive design (scratchbuild), scale appr. 1:32

under restoration / restoration finished 

"Hjejlen" steam paddlewheeler, 1861, Billings Boats rare old kit, scale 1:50

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After short thinking I decided to buy a plan from Model Dockyard about 30 ft lifeboat drawn in scale 1/48.   https://www.model-dockyard.com/cgi-bin/sh000001.pl?WD=lifeboat&PN=Harold-Underhil    That results approximately into 185 mm long boat, which is a bit short but acceptable. After shipping & taxation the price is approximately that of one ready made plastic boat. The project has no schedule, no matter if I build these lifeboats for one year longer, after all this is hobby and not work.

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Thanks for this idea wefalck!

I thought it too to make only one boat and fabricate a form of silicone rubber or other stuff and then cast or laminate copies of that with fibreglass or equivalent. But this big boats need lot of material, so perhaps they will be more expensive this way than just buy ready plastic lifeboats.

After all it is not a very big work to start series fabrication and build all four boats from scratch. And as said, this is hobby without any schedules, and then I can say to everybody that the whole thing has been made by me.

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Just another thought: wouldn't these life-boats on a lake-steamer normally be protected by a tarpaulin-cover ? So perhaps you make four solid hulls according to the lines plan and cover these in thin strips of wood to simulate the clinker planking and the just put the tarpaulin over them. That saves you doing all the details of a wooden open boat. Or perhaps to do one to 'show off', namely the one that would be ready for emergency lowering, while showing the others covered ?


I have nevera actually laminated a hull, but if you did it over a positive form, it would not involve too much material.



panta rhei - Everything is in flux



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