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Billings Boats Kit Accuracy


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I have been looking at building a couple of the Billings Dutch boats.  I have limited knowledge of how these boats were built and would like some opinions on how accurate Billings kits are.  For starters I know their instructions are kind of minimal but is the design true to the type and period?

My advice and comments are always worth what you paid for them.

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The Zeeschouw was a originally a fishing ship, Billings however took a modern yacht-versionfor its kit. Pretty acurate for what it is, but notwith the charm of a working ship.


The statenjacht is modelled after a contemporarymodel in the Rijksmuseum. Problem is that the underwater part of the ship is too round, and too shalow. I guess that the kit-designer didn'tlike the 'bricklike' appearance of the model. The abovewaterline is pretty much following the contemporary model.


I did the Staenjacht as my first real model, thirty-oddyears ago. I don't know whether or not Billings redesigned the kit.



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As I'm not familiar with the "sail"boats from Billing, I must admit that the one I built was from Billing Zwarte Zee and this one was accurate as it can be! Now I'm starting with the Fairmouth Alpine but haven't got it yet and will be coming in my position this week. What I can see and also been there in Denmark with Billing boats, the models they have presently are very accurate as been on board on both in my years, also when the Zwarte Zee was built and must admit, the kit you will get is just the kit, any detailed parts such as compass, lights, winches, anchors etc not even talking about the options such as "burning" lights all have to buy separate to the kit during or later on so in a way you are right that the kit is <incomplete>! But all parts are available on the market to upgrade your built as you want, all depends how much money you want to spent! Normally when a kit cost £350 you have to add basics another £500 and then again if you want all, another £400 - £500 to make it complete and accurate as it can be.

So make a long story short, bearing in mind that the building time also is around 6 - 12 month, the investment to finish all cost around £1500 but then you are the proud owner of a vessel (even on scale) what last for years and gives you the satisfaction showing it around!  

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