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  1. Sounds AWESOME Old Collingwood! Can't wait to see what treasures you whip up! Sargon
  2. Thank you Zappto! It is hard making a choice, especially when there are so many excellent choices - such as your beautiful Dutch Friesland! It's a beautiful ship, and looking great.... Looking forward to seeing your progress! Sargon
  3. Ahoy Mark! That's fabulous that you built the Royal Louis! I'm a very big fan of this design... I'll make sure to do a good inventory on the parts- thanks for the heads up! BTW, I love your build of the 18th century Spanish Galleon... it's such a rare subject to see modeled, and you are doing a great job! Sargon
  4. Hello Ulises!! I know how you feel! The Royal Louis has always been a personal favorite of mine as well. I just adore the Mid to late 18th century French naval design and ornamentation on this vessel... it is simply divine! Wow! You got an AWESOME deal on your Royal Louis too...Nice!! Love how everything is coming along my friend, GREAT WORK! Sargon
  5. Hello to everyone! This is the beginning of my build of the Mamoli Royal Louis 1:90 scale. After wanting this kit for a few decades now, and having been inspired by Ulises Victoria's fabulous build here on Modelshipworld, I am pleased to begin my build of this fabulous 18th century vessel. All the contents look great, and everything is still sealed from the factory. Fittings and wood look to be of a superior quality than my Constructo La Flore.... Will keep all posted here on all build updates! Sargon
  6. I got a Great Deal Ullses.... I paid $550 USD for it.... originally the seller had it at $750 buy it now, with a best offer I got it for $200 less... I feel VERY lucky... I'll post pics soon of the contents in a seperate new build... Everything looking great BTW!!! Sargon
  7. Lovely work Ulises! I'm very proud of you, as I'm sure so are all the forum members of your most excellent build of the Royal Louis! Your attention to detail is excellent! You inspired me so much, I had to order a Royal Louis from eBay this past week, waiting patiently now for her arrival.. Sargon
  8. Hi Daniel! Sounds good.... Keep up the great work, and looking forward to placing my order, whichever version you decide to produce! Sargon
  9. Hello Daniel! I have a question regarding the fabulous new Royal Louis that you are bringing back, with corrections. Will the model represent the Royal Louis of 1758 ? ( 1st Rank 116-gun ship of the line of the Royal French Navy, designed in 1757 by Jacques-Luc Coulomb and constructed in 1757 to 1762 by Laurent Coulomb at Brest Dockyard. She was the fourth ship to bear the name, and the only ship of the Sans-Pareil design ever built. In August 1771, when in dry dock, she was found to have deteriorated beyond repair and was eventually demolished in 1773, without having seen an
  10. Hello Everyone! Been ill a few days, but wanted to update on the progress... I must admit, my first post did have tons of gaps, nailheads everywhere , etc But thank GOD, wood is very forgiving... I've sanded the model quite a bit now, and its still a work in progress, but I feel like the Black Prince, Machiavelli once said... "The ends justify the means".. I feel with hard work, and correcting the mistakes, I can get this model to look respectable, and even beautiful... with your advice, and help as well.. which is greatly appreciated... a SMALL update:
  11. Hi Daniel! I found this Canadian company called "Modeler's Workshop" and the have used the exact plans of the Mamoli Royal Louis in 1/90 scale, and have enlarged the frames to 1/72. Looks like they put alot of work in this project... I wonder what these frames would look like with your modifications Maestro? https://modellers-workshop.com/modellers-workshop-mw306-172-scale-royal-louis-laser-cut-frame-set/ Sargon
  12. Hi Daniel! That's quite alright, the overall length is unimportant in the grand scheme... WOW, I'm very excited to hear about the metal parts being swapped out for better quality wood. Can't wait to see that beautiful stern! Thanks Daniel! Sargon
  13. Anytime my friend! Very excited to hear the good news. Another question if I may... Mamoli claimed the Royal Louis was the ship from 1780, however, as we all know, it's actually the vessel from 1759. Will the new Royal Louis be the 1759 vessel, or the 1780 version? A reason I ask, is that the 1759 vessel should be 190 feet on the gun deck, as opposed to 186 feet for the 1780 version. It's interesting how the Mamoli Royal Louis was slightly smaller than victory, even though both were supposed to be the same scale.... Thanks Daniel! Sa
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