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Midwest models


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I Purchased a few Midwest kits from e-bay, after my Virginia pilot boat build. I wanted a few easy/quicker builds for my grand kids.

The Flattie and Lobster smack fit the bill nicely and give me a little more confidence as I learn as I build. I finished up the Flattie this week, it was my first build with sails, and I am pretty happy with the kit and the finished model.


Next up is the Lobster smack :)5aad2cd497bc6_thumbnail(2).thumb.jpg.56229e0e6e98c0646b2ac617400de6a6.jpg

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On 3/17/2018 at 2:42 PM, ccoyle said:

Yep, these are great kits, and sadly Midwest is no longer making them. Our loss.

Yes agreed, these are great kits especially for beginners like myself, and look very nice upon completion. 


Working on finishing up the grandkid fleet, one boat for each kid. The Lobster Smack is completed and am in the process of working on the sharpie Schooner. The Sharpie got upgraded to deck and cabin planking.


After the Sharpie is complete I will be taking a spring break, if it ever shows up in NY.


I have already purchased next winters project, The Gunboat Philadelphia and will be looking forward to challenging myself with a harder build.






thumbnail (3).jpg

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