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Hello my old friends on this forum

I have a number of books in my library that I no longer look at and might never look at again. This message is to sense whether there is any interest in them. Please PM if so. I'm not looking to make money I'd just like them to be owned by someone who will get more value out of them than I am currently. So happy to sell at a reasonable price - I have no idea if they are rare or expensive in other contexts. Shipping costs would suggest that someone in NZ or Australia would be a wiser buyer but happy to ship anywhere at cost - NZ shipping tends to be reasonable especially compared to the US rates! Happy to send pictures of any item.


Conway Ship Types:

The Bomb Vessel - Ware - hardback with dust jacket - jacket is a little tatty at top of spine - otherwise immaculate

The Heavy Frigate Volume 1, 1778 - 1800 - Gardiner - hardback with dust jacket - immaculate


Conway Anatomy of the Ship:

All hardback in immaculate condition with dust jackets (unless otherwise noted). All have fold out plans on obverse face of dust jacket. All have slightly faded colours on the dust jacket on the spine.

Endeavour - Revised Edition - Marquardt

Pandora - Revised Edition - McKay, Coleman - dust jacket has a split on lower left hand front cover

Granado - Goodwin

Bounty - Revised Edition - McKay

Beagle - Revised Edition - Marquardt

Bellona - Revised Edition - Lavery


I also have the Seawatch Series  Vol I -  IV of The Fully Framed Swan Class Sloop in immaculate condition which I want to sell but that might not be appropriate here...?


On another note I've decided to "complete" my HMS Fly model as a hull only model with mast stubs etc. Once finished there is a lot of materials and spares which I'll offer back to other forum members as a bulk lot - but that is in the future...






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