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Hello All


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Hi there, just a quick intro. I have restarted my build of my Caldercraft Agamemnon and uploaded a build log.

I am an avid hobbist and ventured into remote controlled planes, model boats and now a scale model ship build.

Passion is not something I struggle with and my endeavours hopefully show this. Always willing for comments either good or bad and willing to help where ever I can.


I can only finish by thanking the moderators of the forum as it’s one of the best I have had the pleasure of being able to join.


Thanks  Chris

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21 minutes ago, mtaylor said:

Welcome to MSW Chris, or maybe it's welcome back?


Looks like you're off to a good start on the Aggy.

Thanks Mark, yes I joined in 2015 but didn’t post anything to be honest. It was around the time I put my Aggy build on hold. Looking forward to reading the great posts ! 

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8 hours ago, EJ_L said:

Welcome to MSW Chris! I'll head over and take a look at your build. Best wishes and happy modeling!


2 hours ago, Backer said:


Greetings Patrick


47 minutes ago, geoff said:

Welcome to MSW Chris, all the best, Geoff





Thanks all for the warm welcome ! It’s very appreciated Chris

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