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  1. Spent the last few days making up some of the deck fittings, grates, ladders. Didn’t use the suggested 3x1mm walnut for the ladders as I thought it was too thick. Used some 0.5x2mm instead. Think I am going to stain the deck as I am not too happy with what I have done for the ‘nails’ I used Indian ink, have any of you any suggestions ? I am going to try a watered down walnut on the fittings to finish. Looking at the quarter gallery next, I have temporarily pinned the rear as the instructions, does this look about right ? Just before I trim the two top edges. The
  2. Hi Don, thanks for the kind comment. It’s a little rough in places but I am sure a little filler and sandpaper will sort it out. It’s all a learning curve. The second planking was a lot quicker than the first but I am sure that’s to be expected.
  3. Ahh thanks for that Ben, I didn’t think of that approach. I’ll try that out on a few imperfections around the gun ports. Been mithering me a bit to be honest as I wanted something which would be quite hard and most fillers I have used have been a little soft.
  4. Had a great day yesterday as it was chucking it down I spent most of the day until early evening finishing off the second planking. What a feeling ! It’s like a major milestone I didn’t think I would get to. It will need a little tidying up, filling etc. I have learned so much and on my next build will definitely be better. What do most if you use to fill the walnut ? Be interested to know. Mext will be the round house’s for the front. Thanks Chris
  5. Thanks, I know it’s goung to be a long journey and has been already but I’m full of optimism and hope I’ll get there in the end !
  6. Thanks all for the warm welcome ! It’s very appreciated Chris
  7. Thanks Mark, yes I joined in 2015 but didn’t post anything to be honest. It was around the time I put my Aggy build on hold. Looking forward to reading the great posts !
  8. Hi there, just a quick intro. I have restarted my build of my Caldercraft Agamemnon and uploaded a build log. I am an avid hobbist and ventured into remote controlled planes, model boats and now a scale model ship build. Passion is not something I struggle with and my endeavours hopefully show this. Always willing for comments either good or bad and willing to help where ever I can. I can only finish by thanking the moderators of the forum as it’s one of the best I have had the pleasure of being able to join. Thanks Chris
  9. Hi I acquired my Agamemnon kit from Jotika a few years ago. They are actually only 10 minutes away from where I live in Droitwich, really useful when looking for replacement bits and pieces. John is really good and has helped me out. Quite often taking the time to show me around the factory and the new products and improvements they are bringing in. And taking a look at the completed models in the showroom gives one a feeling of awe. Well initially me not not being totally prepared to be honest the build struggled or should I say I struggled. Now a few years later having a major de
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