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San Juan Nepomuceno's Boat Auxiliar by Richmond - Artesania Latina - Scale 1:25

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Well my first ever wooden ship build will be the San Juan Nepomuceno - Boat Auxiliar a cheapish model I picked up from an online retailer (BNA) here in Australia. Without much further ado here is a photograph of the kit unboxed. I had to scale this down as I believe there my be a limit to image size on the forum.


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Current Builds

Mikasa by I Love Kit - 1:200 - Plastic

HMS Beagle by Occre - 1:48 - Wood

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I am on R&R today so more modelling time.  


Instruction Reference 1

I have fitted the 4mm plywood frames and transom to the 4mm plywood keel and I found these to be a very accurate and tight fit. I have decided not to glue them, as far as I can see, they are not going anywhere. There are small 4mm ply reinforcing parts at the transom and bow that need gluing in but I have left these for the time being.


Instruction Reference 2

I then fitted what is called up in the instructions as the deck, not sure this is the correct term? This was laser cut from 1.5mm plywood and I found this to be very troublesome part, it was quite difficult to get in position and I was afraid of damaging it. Once it was in, however, it was not going anywhere.  I will need to glue /clamp to get it to fit flush to all the frames.



Hopefully these don't need any explanation.


By the way I am using an iPhone 4, it's a work phone given to me in 2012. I am adverse to lining Apples pockets however perhaps now's the time to ask my employer to get me the latest model or maybe I should just invest in a digital camera!











Current Builds

Mikasa by I Love Kit - 1:200 - Plastic

HMS Beagle by Occre - 1:48 - Wood

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Artesania Latina's official website sometimes carries .pdf instructions. I think this one has a parts sheet callout available too. Search for this boat there and look under the 'instructions' tab.


Alas no plans. Again.

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Great work Richmond. Looks like you’re off to a good start. 






HM Bark Endeavour (First Wood, On Hold)

Borodino (1:200 Card, Current Build)

Admiral Nakhimov (card 1/200)

Mazur D-350 Artillery Tractor (1:25 Card) 

F-8 Crusader (1:48 Aircraft, Plastic)

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