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  1. That's just super. The hangar has just the right look of "depth" with all the details and subtle differences in paint/color.
  2. Working out the interior details. Too bad most of this gets covered up to the casual observer once the fuselage halves are joined. However, judges with flashlights will be able to see much of it. 😁
  3. Indeed, that is some painfully tedious work, but congratulations, you worked your way through it and it will look great on your model.
  4. I know who you are talking about, but I have not seen the video. I will look for it. Yes, these decals are supposed to look just like painted on graphics.
  5. My big brother brought back LOTS of stuff he had bought there in Nam. I've got ivory and gold Buddha necklaces, ruby and gold necklaces, tiger tooth and gold necklaces, solid gold rings, etc, etc. He bought it real cheap back then. I never once heard him mention MPC's, so I wonder if he came along before that practice?
  6. The detail looks super nice Javlin. And that canopy looks huge! In 1:32, I guess it IS rather large. I've been eyeballing that 1:32 HK B-24, but wow, that thing would take up a lot of space. You were right in something you said earlier, detailing is almost mandatory in a model of this scale as everything is so much more visible. On a side note, you mentioned HGW seatbelts and it provoked a question I have about HGW wet decals...have you ever used them before? I have a few sets and I came close to using a set on my F-15E ordnance until I read their instructions. These wet decals are applied in a way that's different than any other wet decals I've ever used before. Evidently (as far as I understand the instructions), the decal is first soaked in water (normal), then placed on the model (normal), then after the decal sets for a while, some type of clear film is carefully removed from the top of the decal (abnormal). It almost sounds like a dry transfer decal except water is used. It was enough to change my mind about using them on my ordnance and decided to wait until I heard from somebody who has actually used them before.
  7. I dipped the clear parts last night. They came out much better, more clear than what they were before the treatment. I guess the lack of clarity came from imperfection on the outside.
  8. In this case, it's not a matter of not liking Future, it's that the clear plastic is not clear, it's foggy from the inside out. Future can't fix that, but I guess it can't hurt to try and see what happens. What I have said before is that I've had mixed results spraying Future through an airbrush to use as a clear coat on a painted model.
  9. No, they do not identify the various parts. Certainly, those are dive brakes under the wings but I'm not sure if those are slats on the leading edge. Maybe, but not sure. The only slightly disappointing aspect of this kit are the clear parts. They are not crystal clear, rather a little foggy. Acceptable but not as high quality as the rest of the kit.
  10. Hey OC, I am really looking forward to the painting stage with this kit.
  11. Looks like a CH-53 office to me. 🙂 Great start, Mark. I always find my photos are a buzz kill because photos have a way of showing little details I don't see with the naked eye. A good way to "proof" your work. I like the story, did the guys know it was a nudist camp ahead of time? We once had to do a job at a nudist camp here in Florida, and I gotta tell you, most of the folk at the camp were people I would never ever want to see in the nude again. Almost gave me nightmares for weeks afterward.
  12. This is a progress update going through step one through step twenty three. The photos don't look like much except a couple of wings until you go back to my first post to examine steps 1 - 23 and see the detail that goes inside the wings. A remarkable amount of detail which can be seen to some extent but a lot of it is buried. One engine nacelle is closed while the other will be open to expose the detailed engine, oil tank, and piping. The wheel wells have great detail right out of the box. You'll notice my landing gear has not yet been installed and won't be installed until the aircraft has been painted. This is without a doubt one of the best detailed and well fitting kits I have built. The model would lend itself well to a diorama where a crew was performing maintenance. I won't do one with this kit, but will consider doing another as a diorama.
  13. I guess I got lucky, mine did not require any weight in the nose. Thanks for the kind comments.

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