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  1. Mine was a '64 Triumph TR4A. A lot of fun to drive.
  2. The answer is/was very simple: great looking styling, at an affordable price. Being someone who actually owned a European sports car back then, I can tell you that owing one was a royal pain in the a** when it came to maintenance and acquiring spare parts. None of this was an issue for Mustang, Camaro, and Firebird owners.
  3. If you read through the Wikipedia article, it says the Germans had plans to extend the gun's range to 100 km with a barrel extension. 😲
  4. As soon as I finish my current MRAP project, I plan to start this massive 1:72 scale German 80cm Railway Gun "Dora". The finished model will measure in at a mere 44 inches in length. This thing would be a monster in 1:35 scale!
  5. Been very busy with other things lately. Hope to get back to finish this one soon.
  6. Did you download and print the instructions, or did they come with your kit?
  7. Applying the RnB over a flat base paint makes sense. You'll still want to experiment on scrap, first. Maybe buff the flat base paint first as Tamiya flat black can be rather chalky. I'm thinking the 24 hour drying time after application and before buffing is critical, too. Don't know how you'll get around the fingerprint issue, as guys complained that even with gloves, they still got smears. Maybe they didn't give it enough drying time?
  8. This modeler says he used RnB thinned with enamel thinner, then sprayed through an airbrush. The results on his model look pretty good, but unlike the F-104 finish the other modeler got. https://modelingmadness.com/review/allies/ussr/fordhamsu12.htm
  9. See this thread: http://cs.finescale.com/fsm/general_discussion/f/9/p/162653/1779851.aspx Just wondering if you ran across this thread while you searched for the application of RnB as a NMF? None of these fellows offered any hopes for success as a practical matter. It would be very enlightening to learn exactly how the modeler you cited used the product on his Zipper. Being a wax, I am very skeptical it can offer a durable, NMF finish on an entire aircraft model. Small bits and pieces, maybe, but an entire model, no.
  10. There's really only one reason I won't buy this kit right now; if ordered, it might get here by Thanksgiving (November). I don't see any vendors on the USA mainland that offer it. As for poor instructions and errors; nothing new. Happens with almost every kit and consistently with Pontos update sets. That being said, I would completely agree with your assessment, this is not a kit for beginners.
  11. Always test on scrap plastic first. Make sure to lay down the 1st pass of lacquer very light. A heavy, wet first coat will present problems for sure.
  12. Thanks for the link. The first photo shows the "bars" Mike wrote about. Looks like they are the tie rods. Very interesting and unique suspension arrangement. I have never seen this design before now.
  13. Cute little cars, but I imagine they nor the passengers would fare well in crash tests. Are the bars you mention ones that can be seen in the photos that precede your last post? They must be the upper control arms, but something looks odd about this arrangement and not correct. Have you compared photos of the real car's suspension with the model kit? My brother-in-law told me about compact Citroen cars in France that were very popular, but prohibited from import to the USA due to safety standards. Wonder if these were the ones he spoke of?
  14. You may be onto something with Rub N Buff. It's been so long since I used it, I had forgotten all about it. Have you tried clear coating it yet? Best I recall, it takes a clear coat very well. Coudeyrette's work cannot be argued with, it's beautiful.

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