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  1. I have plenty of entertainment subject material
  2. Thanks OC. Got caught up on other matters, all is well. One of the things I did was to pull everything out of my hobby room then cleaned it all spic and span, repainted the walls, hung everything back on the walls, put in new work tables and a display cabinet before moving everything (almost) I had cleared out and put it back in the room. Taking advantage of a store closing sale at a major department store, bought the big work tables and display cabinet at an extremely favorable price. Just the way I like it.
  3. After taking off the entire summer from model building, decided to kick off with a build of the 1:24 Heller Delahaye 135. Don't know anything about the 1:1 car, but like the body styling, looking quite 1930's in appearance. Long hood and a sharp coupe top. My copy was damaged in transit long ago with a crack on the top. I patched up the crack using a piece of sheet styrene plastic on the inside and some putty, sanding on the outside. Will build the various sub components then paint them all before final assembly. It's interesting the various shades of blue colored plastic Heller uses
  4. Wow Mike! Your planes turned out spectacular. Great job on those. The real professional model builders carefully cut the excess clear carrier film along the color separation of the decal before placing it in water. They do this with a straight edge and a new scalpel blade, only cutting lightly, just enough to separate the clear film from the colored. It's painstaking and tedious, but it gives the best results without any silvering. In addition, the pros don't use a clear coat under the decal either. They just rub the area where the decal is to be placed to polish it a little before
  5. Forget about the gear shift mechanism, I wonder how long I could have owned one without it being stolen. Bicycles were stolen quickly if you didn't keep a very close eye on them when I was growing up. Sometimes, had to fight (literally) to keep them. This is no joke...my Dad bought me a new bicycle for Christmas when I was 9. It was a Sears and Roebuck, Schwinn Sting-Ray knock off. He told me it was the first and last new bicycle he would ever buy for me. From that point forward, I had to work, save, and buy my own. I bought my next new bicycle when I was fourteen or fifteen with money I
  6. When I saw this iconic bicycle model on sale at Ebay, I had to buy one. When I was a kid, all of us wanted one of these bikes, but I personally knew no one that actually owned one. Way too expensive back then. As best I recall, they were several hundred dollars. This is serving as a place holder right now as I am waiting to receive the kit from the vendor.
  7. Beautiful work. I love your Bentley. What a classic! The chrome/aluminum plating on the model is exceptionally nice.
  8. My old house I grew up in (in Tampa, Florida) had a large cellar/basement with dirt floors. It was filled with wine racks, but don't recall any wine being stored in the racks. We also had a huge attic in that old two story house where my big brother had his Lionel train layout.
  9. Hobby Wing makes great ESC's. Good choice! Your work is fast and high quality, looking so nice.
  10. Sounds like you and I attended the same institution, the school of hard knocks. Shaping up nicely, Mike.
  11. We all have a long way to go, Mike. The journey is the fun of it. 🙂 You are doing just great!
  12. So, did you spray the clear coat with an airbrush? It looks to me the orange peel is in the clear coat, yes? Anyway, spraying with an airbrush can get the same orange peel issues if too far away from the target. Depending on whether you are using a single or double action airbrush, you may or may not have control of the flow. But too far away can cause issues, as well as too lose, just like a spray can.
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