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  1. One for me, one for you, and three for the governor. 😆
  2. I know very little about them as I have yet to build one, but they appear to be excellent kits, typical Japan high quality, attention to detail kits. My local hobby shop carries a large selection of them and I have bought a couple with the intention of building them for my grandsons. They are molded in multiple colors of plastic and have a high part count for each kit. Even though there are a lot of different kits, they all seem the same in a weird sort of way and I have to study them for a while to really distinguish the differences.
  3. No, unfortunately they do not. Here is their line of wax based metals: https://www.scalehobbyist.com/catagories/browse.php?kw=ak,true,metal But they do have a pale burnt metal in their enamel line of metal: https://www.scalehobbyist.com/catagories/browse.php?kw=ak,xtreme,metal
  4. The engine parts were cut off the sprues, then the chrome parts were soaked in Super Clean to remove the chrome plating and clear lacquer. The engine block and transmission were painted with Tamiya flat black before dry brushing with Mr Color aluminum. The literature on the Cadillac V-16 indicates the intake and exhaust manifolds were ceramic coated, black. The cylinder heads were black. I've painted the cylinder heads with Tamiya semi-gloss black. The intake and exhaust manifolds were first painted with acrylic flat black, then a treatment of AK gun metal was applied. The AK metal colors in the tube come in various metal colors. They are in a wax base, applied with a brush. After application, they are buffed to achieve a glossy finish. This was the best way I knew of to try and capture the glossy, shiny, look of the manifolds as well as provide some contrast with the black cylinder heads.
  5. Don't feel bad at all...I love this kind of discussion. I learn a lot from it. I wish these guys didn't put their photos in photo bucket. It demands we turn off our ad blocker to view them and I don't like to do that.
  6. Here in the USA, congress just voted to provide relief for it's citizens and businesses to the tune of 2 trillion dollars. The simple math reveals that each man, woman, and child in the USA spent more than 5,700 dollars each (plus interest) to fund this endeavor. This does not include the loss of GDP or the many other costs associated with this virus, only the cost of the relief package. With so many people who live from paycheck to paycheck as it is, this paints a stark financial reality that I am sure is being similarly felt the world over in every country to one degree or another.
  7. It's jumping ahead, but this boat is really going to pop once you start putting on all that beautiful hardware.
  8. Hi Mike No, I have not seen the video by Plasmo, but I will search for it now. It's always fun to see how others are doing it and learn from it. Thanks for looking in.
  9. They look perfect, very nicely done. One of these days, I'll start work on my Iowa. You are giving me a primer on what I'll be up against.
  10. This is the best article/photos I could find on the original Cadillac V-16. A very good article. https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2019/06/11/sweet-sixteen-cadillac-v-16-engine
  11. This discussion reminds me of something that happened locally twenty years +- ago. It started raining heavily each day, sometime around early November. The rain continued every day for months and did not end until late summer the next year. Needless to say, there were huge property losses, public and private due to flooding. During the event, people were frantic trying to mitigate the damage. Some things helped, most didn't. There was a lot of finger pointing and name calling, "not prepared", "incompetent", so forth and so on. When it was all said and done, the 'scientists' realized we had gone through something like a "500 year event". Moral of the story: you cannot afford to build infrastructure that will completely mitigate a 500 year event. About the best people can afford is infrastructure that will mitigate a 20 or 30 year event. That's where we are right now. This is a massive event and none of us have lived through one of these in our lifetimes. My dad lived through the last one in 1918. Lots of people died, lots. They recovered. So will we. It is what it is. It's life.
  12. Wow, she looks like she grew a light beard, with all that menagerie hanging off her hull. You did a great job capturing that look on your model.

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