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  1. Swingarm, drive chain, and rear wheel mated with frame and engine assembly.
  2. At this juncture, I need to take a detailed look at my Studio 27 carbon fiber decal sheet instructions. I am pretty sure I have carbon fiber decals that must go on some pieces now if not sooner. 🙂
  3. Moving ahead with the construction and painting of the swing arm, shock absorber, disk brake, drive chain, rear wheel and tire assemblies. There was quite a bit of detail painting as well as some decal work involved. All went together flawlessly albeit tedious due to the various steps involved in painting everything. All the lightening holes in the brake disks had to be drilled out one by one. Paints used are a combination of Tamiya, AK Extreme Metal, and even some Testors enamel for the chrome silver used on the wheel. Still need to add a couple of small decals in places.
  4. If you can't get anything, I'll send some over to you via priority mail. Won't take long at all. Post Office is just minutes from my house.
  5. 5/64 is an oddball. I have some 1/32 ply and 1/64 ply that I used for cowl skins on RC aircraft models I used to build, but I don't recall ever buying anything in 5/64 size. How much exactly do you need?
  6. Jack It just so happens I have a 12" x 48" piece of 1/8" lite ply. I can cut off a 12" piece of it and send it to you if that will help. Craig
  7. It will be a while. Not in a rush. Lots to do, need more research first.
  8. I saw Bill Belichick in the stands watching the Bucs - Packers game this afternoon while Tom Brady lead Tampa Bay to the Super Bowl!
  9. The transparent green over the silver. There will be some semi gloss black details brush painted unto the frame once the green has cured.
  10. I am thinking about starting my own YouTube channel for scale modeling. Will need to remake my space for that purpose and need lighting and proper video cameras. If any of you have any experience and suggestions for proper video camera equipment and lighting, I am all ears. 🙂
  11. After assembling the two frame halves, the frame is given a black primer base, then a coat of white aluminum. The final frame color will be a transparent green over the silver. Pressing on.
  12. Most of the engine is finished now. Moving on to the frame.
  13. The young fellow on the right is my son's best friend. They went to school together from elementary through high schools. On the left is his dad. The Volkswagen is their project car and they take it to car shows/Volkswagen gatherings in the southeast USA. The young man practically grew up at my house. He was who I had in mind when I built the Volkswagen kit. I presented it to him today and he was thrilled.
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