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  1. I can hardly believe how small some of the parts are cast. Parts 10 and 11 are so small, they are lost in the creases of the face on the coin.
  2. That works perfectly for straight gun barrels, but the Scharnhorst gun barrels are stepped down. Larger diameter at the base then smaller diameter for the length of the barrel. The brass barrels are turned on a lathe to achieve that step in diameter.
  3. While the injection molding is superb on this Flyhawk kit, the brass barrels do make a difference. Here I began working on the secondary guns first by cutting off the plastic barrels. Our dog gets daily injections of insulin to control his diabetes. The left over syringes come in handy as micro drills as they are super sharp and very thin, much thinner than any of the twist drill bits I have. By far these are the smallest barrels I have worked with to date.
  4. Curing the new paint in the dehydrator at 105 degrees F. for a couple of hours. This makes the paint very durable and resistant to damage from handling later on.
  5. Here is my chief model inspector and chowhound, Jasper. He's patiently waiting for me to get the black primer down on my hull.
  6. The PT Boat looks great Denis! Our daughter was telling us today that you guys in NH are going to be getting some more snow tonight or in the morning. Bummer.
  7. Overall hull length is about 13", maybe a little less. Plastic is on the soft side, making it easy to sand down. Molded on details very clean and crisp. Just wanted to capture some photos of it before laying down primer.
  8. After I open the parts bags, I want to photograph the sprues. You won't believe the fine detail of the molded parts. Makes you realize how far this hobby has come in the past few years. The parts molds nowadays are light years ahead of what we thought was great 10 or 20 years ago. I didn't want to open the parts bags until I am ready to use them in fear of breaking and/or losing the parts. They are that small and delicate. With this one started, I am now interested in the other 1:700 ship models Flyhawk makes. I never much cared for 1:700 scale before because it was so small and often par
  9. Finally made a humble start on the shiny horse last night, gluing together the upper and lower hull parts then a little sanding and filling of the seams. Now that I look at this kit more in detail, it becomes obvious the model can be built quite nicely straight out of the box except you would need some photo etch railings. The plastic parts are extraordinary, fine details and molded very much to scale. Even the metal barrels are not entirely needed. I'm even thinking I may have been better off with a precut masking set for the deck (cheaper) rather than the wood deck. I'll wait until
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