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Armed Virginia Sloop by CosmicRust77 - Model Shipways - Scale 1:48 - First ship build with planking involved

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This is my first model ship build after the Elizabethan Galleon, which was a simple 1st ship build.  This is my first build which requires planking and much more.  





Here are all the parts cut out and laid out on the blue prints.  I had my local Staples make a copy of the blueprints so that I could cut them up and abuse them without destroying the originals.



FIrst drew the Bearding Lines, using the blueprint section that I cut-out and laid on top of the Center Keel.  I then drew the vertical lines for the Bulkheads so that when I go to fit them they will assist me in keeping them straight and not leaning forward or back.  


Next i began to pre-fit the Keel, Stem and Sternpost31772897_Keel1.jpg.c6c89e8cff0fbd886ae5b6c5c149276b.jpg82981177_Keel2.jpg.ae5beb07a40c3dc181157db57684bbe0.jpg


As you can see there were some places that I had to sand to get the parts to slide together better.  


This is the part that I was most unsure of.  Cutting the Rabbet.  I have only done one side so far I wanted to get some feedback before cutting any more, or beginning on the other side.  


I am most concerned about the depth, width and location (Every aspect) :) .  I had read where the Rabbet cut is more of a squared off U than a V.  The groove needs cleaning up a bit, but I welcome any input on how it is progressing.  


That is as far as I have gotten I am using a flat square Chisel Exacto knife to cut the Rabbet.  

Thanks in advance!!



Keel #7.jpg

Keel #8.jpg

Keel #9.jpg

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