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What should be my next build?


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I've been progressing on the my Corel HMS Bounty in 1:30 scale. I'm almost ready to assemble her masts and yards and rigging. This has me wondering what I should build next? I have an early 90's kit Constructo's 1799 Enterprise which I started back then. But stopped because I didn't know how to plank. That kit today is $390. So I was hesitant to have it be my first POB build. After much searching for a POB build, I settled on Corel's US Revenue Cutter Ranger because she is the closest approximation of the US Revenue Cutter Louisiana. But now I wonder if I'm ready for a POB kit. Should I do another larger more complex solid hull build first?

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Glen, the only real preparation for doing a POB kit is to do a POB kit. Doing solid hulls builds up your skills for doing solid hulls, which is great, but POB is a different kettle of fish. A great way to find out what other beginners have actually successfully completed is to use our search function. Search for build log titles that have both "finished" and "first" (as in, "first build" or "first wooden ship model") in them. Certain kits show up more than others. Two examples are Model Shipways' longboat and Artesania Latina's Swift. Basically what you're looking for is a relatively simple subject (not simple kit, but simple subject) like a small schooner. The Corel kit that you mentioned is considered such a subject, but Corel is not known for either great materials or great instructions in their low-end kits. Take your time while shopping on-line and make sure to visit the manufacturer's website -- nowadays they often post some portion of their kit instructions on-line as a kind of preview. There's plenty of suitable beginner kits out there to choose from. Be sure to also consider the subject's aesthetic appeal for you personally -- it's hard to persevere with a kit of a subject that doesn't really interest you.



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