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I have recently purchased this little monograph and think that it wouldn't hurt to share some thoughts about it.

The monograph includes a short historical section and, probably more interesting for us, the plans as well as a considerable number of pictures of Mr. Fissore's construction of the vessel. The editing of my english version is...spotty but everything can be more or less understood without too many problems. The pictures are nice, in colour and should be generaly helpful.

Let's get to the plans. There are 11 CAD drawn and pretty detailed plans. 10 for the boat and one for the capstain (visible in Fissore's diorama). Sadly Mr. Fissore has some rather unwelcome habits. While drawing the keel parts on plan 2 separatly is supposed to be helpful one needs to keep in mind that they are somewhat different, perhaps simplified?, from those visible on plan 3 (where they can be seen in a longitudinal view of the boat). Fissore also fails to draw the rabbet in the parts of plan 2 (just like he failed to do in his similar Felucca plans) which is an annoying oversight that adds aditional work.

The frame plans are another, much worse, problem. In the pictures of his buildlog the frames have the usual inner and outer (beveling)lines which helps fairing.

In the plans there are only the outer lines...

This might be acceptable for the square frames but inorder to get acceptable prow and aft frames with a certain bevel we either have to leave some "fat" or we have to construct the beveling lines from the plans.


edit: Did some additional measuring and it doesn't look good. The frames are up to 4mm wider than they should be according to the waterlines.

This is not the first seemingly somewhat carelessly drawn plan i have seen from Fissore and i don't think that i will buy any other.

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On 12/16/2018 at 6:53 PM, Redshirt said:

Did some additonal measuring and it doesn't look good. The frames are up to 4mm wider than they should be according to the waterlines.

Was the 4mm difference the measurement at 1:12, at 1:24 or at full scale? In the drawings of the Chaloupe Armée and of Le Rochefort, for example, I found similar small discrepancies between plans, but they would not be noticeable in actual builds. Similarly it is sometimes difficult (though possible) to establish inner and outer lines for the frames as they have to be calculated in the case of the Chaloupe. Problems will be greater when trying to use the drawings as the basis for 3D constructions in CAD.


I don't know the plans for the Catarina but it looks like an attractive build. Perhaps you could contact M.Fissore about your problems as he has clearly built the boat very nicely. I have found the authors of these monographs to be very helpful in dealing with problems of this nature. Another possibility is to start a discussion in the French forum Marine & Modélisme d'Arsenal where there are often discussions about difficulties with the plans from various Ancre monographs.

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The discrepancy was between the frames (as well as the body plan) and the  waterlines at 1:12. Something about the waterlines ist seriously off. They appear to be less wide than they should, which makes it difficult to create the ( sadly missing) bevel lines. Truthfully, i am at a loss here. Either i missed something or Fissore realy messed up.

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So, during the Holidays i had another look at the plans and contacted Mr. Fissore who found no problem with them.

Well, perhaps it is me but unless i realy need new glasses then quite a few things are seriously off here. If anyone with a bit more experience than me could  comment if i am right or just blind it would be most welcome. (i received this file from Mr. Fissore, 4 and 7 AV/AR are his insertions, the other measuring lines are mine)

PL. 1 -- 1÷12 -- 310 x 680 -- 19-12-2018 modified.pdf

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I can't really tell from the drawing that you sent what the question is, but I thought I'd check your measurements.


I imported the drawing into TurboCAD and set as 64mm the left hand line you have for 1Av. I measured it from the centre of the outer line to the centre of the centre line. I then measured the right hand side in exactly the same way and it came to 63.92mm, a difference of .08mm. I personally would not regard that as an enormous difference, and certainly one that would be hard to see in normal model-making.


I didn't bother to check the other measurements, but if you still have difficulties perhaps you could clarify the precise measurements and other aspects with which you have difficulty.


I hope this was helpful,



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