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Rope around sails


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Hi guys

I have pre made sails on my occre diana kit , all 21 of them.

My question is when i did my amati adventure kit it had a 1.3 mm rope tied around All the edges.

Do you guys reckon i should put this thread arond the pre made sails .

Or when you have pre made sails is this not done. Cheers snowy



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Those are the bolt ropes, there to reinforce the edges of the sails. They are a common feature of sails. 



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Sure, put them on, but now you've entered the wonderful world of "kit-bashing." Which is perfectly okay. If you think they look better with the bolt ropes, it being in scale and all that, they by all means do it. There's no shame in adding detail to make a kit model better. Most all of the really well-done kits you'll see will necessarily include a lot of scratch-built improvements and additions.

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