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  1. Mate I've put all my sails on my yards and im going to do all my staysails first then my mainsails I'll start from the bottom and work my way to the top But thats just me Cheers and enjoy Snowy
  2. Thanks rweiderrich Great looking ship
  3. Thanks flyer I'll look into that book as well Cheers snowy
  4. Hi guys an gals Just a question i have all my sails ready 21 of them and they are pre rigged . I have done all the standard rigging. Question is could i put on all my sails before doing the shrouds and ratlines.
  5. Hey flyer Snowy here again just wondering on the coppering ive never done it . Did you start from the keel and just work your way up or 50/ 50 top and bottom Cheers
  6. Nice work flyer Snowy here i just bought the hms vanguard. I might make her as the vanguard but havnt decided yet I still have to finish my occre diana.keep up the good work
  7. Gday nice ship I'll pull up a chair Have fun building this one looks great Cheers snowy
  8. Hey mate Gday snowy here from dawin i believe all of the above is true . I highly recommended frank mastini s book ship models simplified. I personally got the amati adventure as my first kit but i didn't start it for about 2 months after i bought it.first i bought books and looked at other builds . But i think most importantly i looked at my plans for the build for over a month to understand everything .i tried understand all and dry fit and glue once Good luck and enjoy Snowy
  9. Thanks mate As i see it they're is no rush so I'll whack em on i love how these ships look when finished. May the wind be at your back arr
  10. So i take it thats a yes to put them on Cheers
  11. Hi guys I have pre made sails on my occre diana kit , all 21 of them. My question is when i did my amati adventure kit it had a 1.3 mm rope tied around All the edges. Do you guys reckon i should put this thread arond the pre made sails . Or when you have pre made sails is this not done. Cheers snowy
  12. Hey mate snowy here nice ship Just wondering because I'm thinking of getting this ship could you just buy the extra timber and double plank her anyway. Keep up the great work
  13. Maybe instead of hating them put on a little music and just make them look great. Cheers snowy
  14. Good luck building a ship on a ship Nice job. Good luck

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