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1st wood ship kit

Mike Esposito

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Here is what I decided on. It's a solid hull kit.


I figured that even if I didn't finish, I will gain valuable experience in planking, rigging, sails ect. It cost $50 +$14 shipping. 


Purchased on Ebay a few hours ago. Hopefully all the parts are there. 🤔

I plan to make a build log when she arrives....



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15 minutes ago, SpyGlass said:

HA that was my very very first build over 30 years ago. I have her sitting behind me now !


Sorry about duff pic .   When you get the kit check if you have the version with pre glued planking. Shout if I can assist,  But is an easy kit to build and the solid hull is not at all a problem




Thanks! Sure will.

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In case you don't know, you'll need a couple shallow-curve carving gouges for the hull, at least if the bulkheads are part of the solid hull, and some wood rasps will also help remove the excess wood quickly. When you get close, some curved and straight scrapers can remove wood pretty quickly with good control.

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For tools, I have many types of blades for my X actors knife, plenty of files and sandpaper. Plan to buy a miter box and plank bender-the  Mantua one. I have CA glue 3 different thickness, carpenter's glue. 


I think that's enough to start... maybe go to Home depot and buy some wood gouges?

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