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ROSE by Heinrich der Seefahrer - FINISHED - French pilot bisquine

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Hello friends at the very end I start my building log now as the project is ready and shipped towards my brother as his birthday present. And as he is not a member in here I can write without killing the surprise for him. 


I startet the project also as a testingsuite for a using of the vertical lines for the first time. 


These ships have a beautyfull appearance under full sail. As I firstly planned to build three level of sails I had to realize that this isn't possible as  the boat was planed to be shiped.


The plan is from the pilotsbook in French and a set of plans by Gehard Schmitt for some further detailling. I resized to match into a pair of Ikea frames called Ribba. So the scale is something about 1/72 and the model had to fit to the Showcase build from to frames and an inner frame from heavy rubber floor imitating some stone and balsa wood layout painted in Tamiya Sky Blue.

As the model has only four weeks to be build I avoided too much detailing on the other hand. So the Schmitt plans were a temptation to overdo it and a obstacle to get ready in time.


So here the first steps and my sources:








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Here the further steps on my brothers birthday... I wasn't still not ready to launch the model - but it fits into the showcase very well. 


The sails are simply from memo training cards and painted in Tamiya Hull red. The lining is aquarell pencils . Also the hole rigging is a choice of four differend colours as I got more and more in a hurry.


On this moment I decided to avoid the breaking off of the royal sails by avoiding the royals.


The niddlreborad has two simple slots for two M2 srews.









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I decided to glue the sails together to give for the transport more stability.


The decks superstructure is very simple and was only a bit detailed. The Ancre is stiffed cardboard soaken with CAglue.  


My testing in the showcases after glued in the M2 screws in the hull shows the model hangs also upside down in a safe way and noe parts fall off. 


So I bought a birthday cards reused Marcs pacelbox with the edge saving parts from Ancre and send it overseas to my brother yesterday. 


So this micro project was startet on the mid of December and reached its goal mid of February by enclosing the showcase with superglue the night before yesterday. 


Hope you like it.












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