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Hello Forum

Apologies if topic not suitable here please shift

I am a cabinetmaker by trade but terrible at cad.

Can anyone suggest a simple to use (lol for me)

cad program that i can import? plans from my kitchen design program

and do basic adjustments, measurements etc.

Currently my kitchen program outputs to bto cad , but

i am finding that too complicated to use, don't have the time 

to learn it. All i want to achieve is a plan like pic attached but that i can add measurements too.

My design programs produces some very nice 3d rendered images but the they go to bto cad

and i get lost. 


Thanks Chris


cad snip.GIF

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I have owned and used a couple of these types of programs but the one that for me had the shortest learning curve and did EVERYTHING I needed was this program.  https://www.amazon.com/Better-Homes-Gardens-Designer-VERSION/dp/B0013MCZRK


They have a newer version, ( https://www.amazon.com/Chief-Architect-Home-Designer-Suite/dp/B079M2VVTD/ref=pd_sbs_65_1/147-6239223-8724702?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B079M2VVTD&pd_rd_r=cc78429f-3580-11e9-bebf-15ead0be056d&pd_rd_w=Vwudq&pd_rd_wg=7Tr82&pf_rd_p=588939de-d3f8-42f1-a3d8-d556eae5797d&pf_rd_r=RSPQQJAS10T8X5YX5GPC&psc=1&refRID=RSPQQJAS10T8X5YX5GPC  )  but for what you are doing you may not need one.

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I think it's up to you to decide which programme to use based on trying them out. Different people on this forum have different ideas about which programme suits them best. It's a bit like the preference between Apple Macintosh computers and those from the DOS/Windows worlds. Different minds and different learning experiences lead to different preferred ways of using tools.



From my personal view and experience, the simplest programme I have found is SketchUp which is free. This gives very clear dimensions to line drawings.


There's an old version of TurboCAD v12 which was free and I found very simple to learn in conjunction with the numerous tutorials and help on the web. The latest version of TurboCAD, though, is quite expensive (around £100). You can pick up used copies quite easily on eBay. If you want to have the free version of TurboCAD, you're welcome to have mine as I don't use it any more. The programme I use regularly is TurboCAD DeLuxe v21 which I bought for about £24 a couple of years ago as I was lured into the upgrade path with more 3D capabilities.



There seem to be quite a few free CAD programmes available on the web. I have tried Blender and Draftsight in addition to SketchUp but each requires practice and learning its own way of doing things.


Good luck with your search!


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I forgot to mention DesignCAD which is produced by the same company that makes TurboCAD but it's easier to use than TurboCAD, albeit still with a need to learn how to use it with the help of online tutorials. It's also cheaper. You can compare them at https://www.turbocad.com/blog/turbocad-vs-designcad-n9.



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Thanks Tony and Vaddoc I used to own a copy of turbocad a long time ago and had

forgotten about turbocad. I don't mind paying a little bit for it. The TC 2018 2d/3d might be the one.

then i will need to work out how to get the data out of the kitchen program into TC.

Thanks Chris

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Are you using a Windows or Apple operating system? There isn't much compatibility between the two.


I have used DesignCAD (Windows) since 1988.




DC has a 2D version for about $50. It is the easiest to use CAD program I have seen - and I have used half a dozen over the years. It has a free user forum with many experienced users checking in daily to help new users. I can't strees enough the importance of a good users forum to help you learn how to do things!




HOWEVER, any new program will take time to learn.




You say your kitchen program outputs to "BtoCAD." What file format does the kitchen design program generate? If your program can generate DXF or DWG files just about any CAD program can import them. If it outputs Sketchup format files you could use that program.


I looked up BtoCAD and it apparently uses the AutoCAD DWG file format.


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Morning or evening for you Phil and thanks for replying.

Definitely a windows user and it exports DXF or DWG, so that should be ok.

Sounds very good about the ease of use  help forums, though  i might 

go for the 3d version just in case.

thanks Chris

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Hi Try DeltaCad.  Simple, inexpensive and used widely for what you are doing and ship modeling to boot.



It has been used widely here as well. 




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